Student Managed Fund Continues To Beat the Market


From left to right: Logan Elias, Luke Marcus, Brandon Alt, Corey Rench, Nicholas Bundy, Hervin Singh, and Reid Larkin

The BGSU Student Managed Fund continued to beat the market in the Fall semester as part of FIN 4360 – Portfolio Management. Seven undergraduate students managed a long-only equity portfolio valued at about a half million dollars. The goal of the class is to beat the S&P 500 index (a benchmark widely used in the investment management industry) by researching and presenting undervalued stocks as well as tactical asset allocation between industries. Each student must convince the other students of their investment idea in order to change the portfolio and the class must generate enough value in a single semester to outperform for the entire year. This was particularly challenging at the end of 2018 when market volatility caused many professional money managers to close their funds. The end of 2018 marks the third continuous year that BGSU students have beat the market; a track record on par with industry professionals.

Updated: 02/04/2019 11:50AM