Department Awards Record-High Scholarships


Recipients of Finance and Insurance scholarships, donors, and faculty at the Annual Honors & Awards Ceremony in September, 2018.

Finance and Insurance awarded a record-high $44,250 in scholarships for the 2018-2019 school year. Students were honored at the annual Honors and Awards Ceremony that was held on Friday, September 14, 2018. Scholarship winners are listed below:

Avery Dennison Annual Scholarship - Brandon Alt
Finance Faculty Book Award - Robert Martin
Bowyer Book Award - Bradley Zoeller
Klein Book Award - Jacob Lehman
Misamore Scholarships - Aaron Schwartz, Benjamin Mangas, and Zachary Durliat
Bowen Rising Junior - Michael Houle
Close Scholarship - Weston Buettner
Dorais Scholarships in Finance - Graham Henderson, Frederic Letourneau, Collin Levandowski and Matthew Cardello
Fichthorn Scholarships - Brailan Michael, Hervin Singh, Nicola Coffman, Nicholas Hanby, Brooke Wolters, and Stephen Beaujean
Gielow Scholarship - Benjamin Forrester
Hall Scholarship - Jared Hollar
Harger Scholarship - Nicole Helberg
Key Bank Scholarships - Victoria Iacobelli, Kaitlyn Barhorst, Briana Fenbert, Ariona Grisham, Mitchell Knoth, Krysten Wodarski and Preston Zaleski
Pemberton Scholarships - Eric Hepner, Elise Leverenz and Michael Rochester
Radbill Scholarships in Finance - Janelle Bolheimer, Matthew Carroll, Spencer Kuess, Casey Linkenheld and Benjamin Tuttle
Speck Scholarships - Nicholas Bundy and Mark Bixel
IRMI Charter Member Scholarships - Alec Calton, Zachary Erhart, Nicholas Etter, Elizabeth Howard, Amanda Lively, Bryan Mills, Anthony Mwembia, Adan O’Connor, Matthew Patchett, Collin Reynolds, Cameron Rufus, Allison Valente, Kennedy Warner and Rachel Wingate
RIMS Scholarships - Marissa Cesa, Anna Gehring, Adam Liber, Amanda Lively, Taylor Siegrist and Selena Trevino
Radbill Scholarships in Insurance - Brady Dunigan, Zachary Erhart, Adriana Italiano, Cameron Rufus, Kari Tobak, and Abigail Whaley

Special thanks to our donors for scholarships, gifts, and other contributions:
Andrew and Kimberly Fichthorn
Avery Dennison Corporation
Brendan and Kimberly Foley
Brett Newman
Brown and Brown Insurance
Bruce and Janet Misamore
Daniel P. Klein and Linda Bowyer
David Day and Jose Rodrigues
Donald L. and Suzanne Speck
Emery S. Gielow
Fern Harger
Finance faculty
Geoffrey Radbill
Jeffrey Born
John and Deborah Bowen
Keybank of Northwest Ohio
Margaret P. Close
Mary Jane Little Dorais
Maryana Hall
Hylant Group
MacArthur Plumart
Matt and Jennifer Wey
Maureen and Christopher Conroy
Medical Mutual of Ohio
Michael and Julia Mitchell
Neil Roache
Norman Fichthorn
Paramount Insurance
Prudential Insurance
Raj and Kausalya Padmaraj
RIMS of Toledo
Robert and Laura Wolverton
Steven Rado
Thomas and Cynthia Pemberton
Timothy Egloff
Western & Southern Life
Westfield Insurance

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