BGSU alumna Angela Lucarelli proves success can be obtained through hard work


By Emily Cohen

Fast forward 15 years, still devoted to the world of business and having developed a new passion for traveling to the mix, this Avon, Ohio, native is following her dream of becoming a successful business woman while exploring the world. Angela Lucarelli graduated from Bowling Green State University in December with two degrees in marketing and international business. Following graduation, she started her career working for Aliquantum International, a children’s toy company.  

Her amiable and inventive personality helped her succeed throughout her four years at BGSU. Accomplishing more than your average college student, she was involved in many organizations on campus including Alpha Xi Delta Sorority and the American Marketing Association. 

As a very involved student in the College of Business Administration, Lucarelli was best known for her work with The Hatch, a program for students with a vision to start a new service or product.  

Just like ABC’s television show, "Shark Tank," students provide an idea and BGSU provides the support to launch their business. The process includes taking an Applied Entrepreneurship class, working with a business mentor and meeting with faculty members to learn the fundamentals of launching a business.

After being on campus for only two months, Lucarelli decided to enter The Hatch after hearing about it in her classes and receiving countless emails about the opportunity. She sent in two ideas, a professional rental clothing store for BGSU college students, and a website for high school students to post pictures of their prom dresses to avoid having the same ones. The professional rental clothing store was chosen and she was left with 10 weeks to prepare for her final four-minute presentation to the investors.  

Lucarelli said she had a homework assignment each week and meetings she had to attend in order to stay on track and actually create a business from an idea to a real concept. 

“I am not going to lie, I cried a lot," she said. "I relied on my dad for a ton of help and was beyond stressed while going through the process.

 “Angela has a strong work ethic that goes above and beyond," said Lucarelli's brother Brandon. "She gives 100% to everything she plans to accomplish and see things through to the very end."

That April, Lucarelli presented her business in front of a live audience.

To her amazement, Lucarelli landed not one, but two investors. She asked for $30,000 in exchange for 40 percent of her company. The investors valued her company at about $75,000 in the first year.

“Winning an investor was so cool and I could not keep the smile off of my face for days,” she said.  

Lucarelli's win during The Hatch proves there are no limits when reaching for your dreams. She influenced others around her to set goals for themselves and continues on as a motivational peer and friend.

After graduation, she added to her list of accomplishments by taking on the role of sales manager at Aliquantum International. She will travel all around the United States and potentially Europe to attend different trade shows and client meetings so she can present her company’s products.  

Even though Lucarelli has The Hatch investors under her belt, she continues to go back and forth thinking about following up with her professional rental clothing store. She has no definite decision right now, but she thinks some time down the road she might follow through with her plan.

Updated: 12/01/2017 10:59PM