Alumni advisory boards meet to offer feedback to college programs and get updates

During the week prior to the BGSU Homecoming, seven advisory boards met with either their department or their centers/institutes. Members of the Supply Chain Management Institute gathered for the annual Fall Dinner Meeting the night before the BGSU Job EXPO on Monday. They heard about relevant supply chain management topics and learned about the BGSU supply chain management program activities and success stories.

The Finance Advisory Board and the Insurance Advisory Board held their meetings in conjunction with the Insurance Symposium on Wednesday and enjoyed a joint luncheon of the two boards the next day. 

Meeting on Friday were members of the Hamilton Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership Advisory Board, the Marketing Advisory Council, the MIS Advisory Board and the Economics Advocacy Board. These important meetings allow the College, the departments, and the centers/institutes to update alumni on success stories and activities, while also allowing the College to get valuable feedback to help grow and enhance programs in each specialization.

Here are photos of the advisory boards who met on Thursday and Friday.

Finance Advisory Board
Hamilton Center Advisory Board
Economics Advisory Board
Insurance Advisory Board
Marketing Advisory Board
MIS Advisory Board

Updated: 12/01/2017 10:59PM