Meet Student Ambassador Michael Gallagher, Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC


Michael Gallagher, senior at BGSU, spent his fall semester working a co-op at Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems, LLC in Elyria, Ohio. Bendix is a company that is constantly growing, and specializes in manufacturing braking systems for trucks and other commercial vehicles. During his tenure, he was a co-op in the Global Purchasing Excellences department, and his job was to assist buyers on his team with their daily tasks.

While at Bendix, Gallagher visited suppliers and worked with suppliers on quoting parts for the company, created purchase orders for parts, and spent 3.1 million dollars on tooling and other important facets of operations. In addition to his day to day operations, within the department, he assisted in various projects: regional category sourcing presentations for buyers, part mapping projects, and even a scout RFQ in which he worked on trying to find alternative suppliers for a dual sourcing opportunity on a part that Bendix produces. 

Throughout his experience over the semester, Gallagher learned a lot about the company, as well as the protocols and procedures that Bendix applies. “I learned a lot more that is applicable to me wherever I work in the future,” said Gallagher. “I saw how business works, like interactions between coworkers, how to meet deadlines and prioritizing tasks, and most importantly I developed my professionalism.” 

Gallagher admits that he is able to effectively communicate with people in a work place and that has created a lot of confidence in him. “I know that I will be able to enter a workplace and accomplish tasks because I have experience now,” said Gallagher. “I also learned that even at work, it is always good to ask questions and make sure work is done accurately.”

Updated: 01/22/2020 03:16PM