BGSU Sales Team Earns Victory at Inaugural Sales Competition at University of Toledo


By Donna Greenwald

BGSU students Phil Rich and Jessica Miller brought home a first place team finish at the first annual University of Toledo Sales Competition on February 25-27.  BGSU tied for first with Baylor University. There were 30 universities competing in this event from around the country, with each school entering one student in the lower division and one student in the upper division.

Rich, who is a sophomore, placed second out of the 30 students in the lower division; and Miller, who is a junior, placed third in the upper division.  Their combined scores as they advanced through four rounds of role plays put BGSU in a tie for first place with Baylor.  Both Rich and Miller won scholarships through their top finishes.

BGSU’s sales team coach and Associate Professor of Marketing Dr. Greg Rich was excited to see the excellent results after working so hard.  “Jessica and Phil did an amazing job representing us over the weekend in this first ever sales competition at UT.” Dr. Rich credits marketing department lecturer Mr. Mearl Sutton and alumni Bob Waltzer and Andrew Myers for assisting in coaching the BGSU students. He also credits Ms. Christine Seiler, instructor in the marketing department, who coached Miller last year in other sales competitions.

“Coaching was a true team effort, but ultimately it was the students' hard work and competitive spirit that earned the victory,” states Dr. Rich.

Phil Rich and Jessica Miller earned their spots on the sales team by finishing first and second out of 49 students who competed in the BGSU Sales Competition in the fall.  In April, the students will compete against the top sales talent in the country at the National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC) at Kennesaw State University near Atlanta.

Updated: 12/01/2017 11:00PM