Serving As Student Ambassador Gives Unique Leadership and Networking Opportunities


To become a College of Business Student Ambassador, students apply to the dean through a highly selective process, and then once selected as a “candidate,” students go through a rigorous eight-week course to develop their networking, oral presentation, and leadership skills. These students use their polished skills to interact with prominent alumni, current students, and prospective students and their parents to help the dean promote the College.

Current Student Ambassador, Ellen Snyder, Class of 2017, who is specializing in marketing, tells a story that captures why she loves her role as an Ambassador.

During a recent Preview Day in the College of Business, I was sitting in the Student Ambassador office doing some homework with the door open.  I looked up to see a young lady and her father beaming with excitement from the events of day.  She introduced herself and said, “I want to come here next year.  What are the Student Ambassadors? Should I be one?” I automatically said “Yes!”

“The Student Ambassadors are here to promote the College.  We do this by developing excitement in prospective students, such as yourself, encouraging current students and networking and thanking our alumni for all they do. If you are a student that takes initiative, goes above and beyond inside and outside the classroom, and wants the best opportunity to give back to the College of Business, I definitely recommend you apply next fall!”

We spent the next twenty minutes discussing the Business Career Accelerator, her interest in marketing, internship opportunities, and more.  I watched as her face continued to light up with excitement.

At the end of our conversation, she turned to her dad and said, “This is where I want to go.  This is where I want to be.”  It’s moments like this, the moments when I get to see the same excitement in a future Falcon that I have, that I know I made the right choice for my education.  I am proud to not only call myself a business student at Bowling Green State University, but I am a Student Ambassador in the College of Business. Because of the opportunity given to me, I get the chance to help transform lives.

During fall semester, 16 students were selected as Student Ambassador candidates from a record number of applicants.  They have gone through the training course and will start serving as a Student Ambassadors next fall semester.

Here is a list about student ambassadors, to learn more about the high achieving, motivated, and enthusiastic student leaders who will become Student Ambassadors in the fall.

Updated: 09/01/2021 07:09PM