About the Student Ambassadors

Who Do We Engage?

Prospective Students

“Recruiting prospective students is great for me because I was once in their shoes. I llike helping them find their way through the college selection process and showing them everything the Schmidthorst college has to offer.” 
- Sydney Flora

Current Students

"Student Ambassadors allows me to connect current students with the amazing opportunities provided by the Dean, the College, and our extensive network."
- Ryan Rump



“The alumni here at Bowling Green are very interested in what is going on in our college and love hearing about what’s new around campus. As a student ambassador I get to see firsthand that they look to connect with current students and help them in any way they can!”
- Jake Stucker

Student Ambassadors In Action

This list includes a majority of the events that Student Ambassadors actively participate in.  However, we always look for new ways to engage prospective students, current students, and alumni. This list is subject to change based on changing student preferences, and we are always open to new ideas for events.

  • Freshman Welcome
  • Preview Days
  • Homecoming
  • E-Week
  • And Many More!

Updated: 09/16/2023 01:52PM