About the Student Ambassadors

Who We Engage

Prospective Students

"Recruiting high school students to the College of Business is the most rewarding way I feel I can give back to the College that has given me so much." - Steven DeAmon

Current Students

"Student Ambassadors allows me to connect current students with the amazing opportunities provided by the Dean, the College, and our extensive network." - Julie Kessler


"As a Student Ambassador I correspond with, have lunch, and am on a first name basis with more millionaires than I ever expected to meet in my life." - Collin Newton

Student Ambassadors In Action

This list includes a majority of the events that Student Ambassadors actively participate in.  However, we always look for new ways to engage prospective students, current students, and alumni. This list is subject to change based on changing student preferences, and we are always open to new ideas for events.

The Business Olympics is a competition among students in the College of Business where students compete in several mini-games designed to test business skills.  Student Ambassadors plan, coordinate, and staff this event to ensure the Olympics run smoothly.

Bus Olympics Winners with Dean

To engage and recruit prospective students, Student Ambassadors work with the Undergraduate Recruiting Coordinator to visit high schools and present information on the College of Business to prosepctive students. This provides ambassadors with valuable experience in practicing professional presentation skills.


To help engage students of all backgrounds, Student Ambassadors work with the Dean's Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion (DACODI) to staff events.  Student Ambassadors facilitate the events and promote engagement.

Deans Dinner with Vietnamese Students

Entrepreneurship Week, or E-Week, is an entire week dedicated to fostering the entrepreneurial spirit and staffing the main events of the week including The Hatch. Student Ambassadors have multiple opportunities to engage prospective students, current students, and alumni through staffing events, speaking with visiting high school students, and meeting prominent alumni.

The Hatch Group Photo

At the beginning of the academic year, Student Ambassadors play an important role to introduce first year business students to the College of Business at BGSU.  Student Ambassadors welcome students to the College, staff the College of Business Picnic, and work with Peer Leaders to guide students to their 1st Day of Class.


Student ambassadors often travel to alumni events with the Dean throughout the country. At these events, ambassadors network with alumni and present how the College of Business has impacted them.

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