Section 4.2


All supplemental payments to faculty, contract staff and graduate assistants/teaching fellows (except for overload instruction) must be processed using the Supplemental Payment Form. The requested information and signatures must be completed before the payment can be processed through payroll.

Full-time CBA faculty who teach in the Professional MBA, Executive MBA, and EMOD programs receive a supplemental payment in lieu of reimbursement for travel and/or working weekends and evenings. After being assigned to teaching one of these courses, Graduate and Executive Programs in Business (GEPB) will forward to faculty an agreement indicating expectations of teaching in these programs. Faculty must sign and return this agreement prior to the start of the course. Upon successful completion of the course and fulfillment of the requirements, faculty are paid $1,000 for a Professional MBA class and $1,500 for an Executive MBA class or an EMOD class. GEPB will process the supplemental payment form. These supplemental payments are not made for adjuncts.

A Contract Addendum Form is used for any contractual changes which occur during the course of a contracted period. These include a change in salary, title, assignment, status, period of employment, or overload instruction.

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