Supply Chain Students Attend 2-Day Boot Camp on ERP Systems


Students specializing in supply chain management have the opportunity each semester to learn about Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems which includes getting hands-on instruction by using SAP. This two-day “boot camp” is held on two Saturdays and is sponsored by John Deere.

The training kicks off with a discussion about the benefits of ERP systems, in general, and then students log into SAP. The focus is on navigation, understanding and using some ERP and SAP specific vocabulary, and performing a few end-to-end functional processes.  For example, the students create finished and non-finished goods as well as a bill of materials, then run material requirements planning (MRP).  

Owens Corning Supply Chain Team Leader, Bill Rose, also comes into the training and talks about how he uses SAP to support his supply chain processes. He discusses both big projects as well as day-to-day use. 

BGSU faculty member Bethany Niese, instructor of Information Systems, leads the training sessions.

Updated: 05/02/2018 09:14AM