Visiting Scholar from China Collaborates with Dr. Sullivan on Research Projects

Milad JannesariDr. Milad Jannesari traveled from China’s Zhejiang University during spring semester through early summer to work with one of BGSU’s renowned organizational behavior professors, Dr. Sherry E. Sullivan.

A major goal of this collaboration was to expand a joint research endeavor between BGSU’s College of Business and Dr. Jannesari’s university in China. Dr. Jannesari, who is in Zhejiang University’s Department of Management, Global Entrepreneurship Research Center, was highly productive in his research projects while collaborating with Dr. Sullivan.  He wrote several proposed papers for journal and conference submissions and shared his teaching and research expertise with College of Business faculty.

The Zhejiang University scholar’s research focuses on new career-based studies of host country nationals (HCN) and the expatriation process as well as successful self-initiated expatriates (SIEs) and their performance and adjustments.

Dr. Jannesari graduated from the Zhejiang’s School of Management with a Ph.D. specializing in organizational behavior and human resource management. He reflects on his experience while in Bowling Green. “I am grateful to all the great scholars I interacted with while at BGSU, especially Dr. Sullivan, a remarkable mentor who encouraged and guided my research.  Without her support I wouldn’t have learned or accomplished so much. I genuinely appreciate her efforts.”

The visiting scholar returned home in June but hopes to return to BGSU in the future.  

Updated: 07/11/2018 02:49PM