Recital Policies and Procedures

Faculty Artist/Scholar Series Information


The Faculty Artist /Scholar Series are scheduled Wednesdays at 8 p.m. or Sundays at 3:00 p.m. in Bryan Recital Hall. Some recitals may be performed on pre-arranged dates on Sundays at 3:00 p.m. in the Great Gallery of the Toledo Museum of Art (TMA).

Faculty events will be scheduled each spring for the following academic year by the chair of the performance studies department after the special events and large ensemble concerts are confirmed. The chair will “hold” a few slots for new faculty and will work with the PE Director on the Toledo Museum of Art schedule.

Rehearsal Scheduling

Dress rehearsals are scheduled by the Technical Director. You will receive notice of your assigned time (one two-and-a-half-hour block)—these are generally Monday evenings for Wednesday concerts and Saturday mornings for Sunday concerts. Adjustments can be made if necessary on a space available basis.

For Toledo of Museum of Arts recitals, you can typically get in the space a few hours prior to the recital as arranged with the TMA.


Complete program information needs to be submitted to the Public Events Office ( two weeks before your performance date for faculty, guest artist, and small ensemble programs. Large ensemble and special, large event programs need to be submitted three weeks before the event date, at minimum.

Cancellation Policy

Any Faculty Artist Series event that is canceled cannot be rescheduled within the same semester that it appears on the College’s printed Concert Calendar. To cancel a FAS event, performers must see the scheduling manager during schedule hours to sign an “Event Cancellation Form.” This form must be signed before an event can be canceled.

Event Publicity

Each Faculty Artist/Scholar Series event receives the following from the PE office in regards to publicity:

  1. Social media promotion
  2. Listing in the Lively Arts Calendar which M & C releases to northwest Ohio news media
  3. Listing on the CMA online calendar
  4. Digital signage in the CMA
  5. Live streaming of event
    • If a Faculty member would like to have more information about their recital including pieces, guest artist’s, etc. posted on the online calendar they can send their materials to
    • NOTE: Any special promotion, including initiating contact with the media and making your own promotional matierals using the university's logo for your recital must be approved by the PE Office. This is a policy of the University's Office of Marketing & Communications.

Technical Support

Performance pianos are tuned on a regularly scheduled basis. Specific pianos may be reserved for performance by submitting a Piano Reservation form online two weeks before the event. Studio instruments are tuned before each semester and scheduled thereafter by completing the Studio Tuning Reservation form (additional important information is on the form). Repairs are generally handled within 24 hours by calling the Piano Technician at 372-2288.

Phi Mu Alpha provides one stagehand for each FAS event. Faculty should seek volunteers from their studio if additional ushers or stage crew are required.

Please contact the Technical Director at (419) 372-2954 three weeks before your event if unusual stage requirements exist or an ensemble or ensembles are included on a portion of your program. This will insure proper equipment is available for your event.


Faculty Artist/Scholar Series Recitals


Faculty wishing to hold a reception in the Green Room must fill out a Green Room Usage/Reservation Form. No receptions can be scheduled unless this form is completed. All setup and cleanup are the responsibility of the user. User will be charged for extra cleaning time at the University rate. Trash bags are provided and should be put into the large barrel located in the kitchen. No leftover food and/or beverage is to remain in the refrigerator. Trash is to be taken to the dumpster at the loading dock (located off of entrance by the first floor elevator).