Audition Administrative Site Guide

If you have difficulty using this application, please contact Amanda Long at 2-8577 or

Quick Steps

  1. Go to the Audition Administration Site
  2. Login using your BGSU (email) username and password
  3. View listing of all students who have scheduled an audition (You may scroll through the list using the “Next Page” and “Previous Page” links at the bottom)
  4. Remember to log-off when finished

Managing the List of Students

To Sort List

  1. Click on any column header to sort by that column.
  2. Click on “Search” at the bottom, far right to see student’s entire Audition Reservation Form

To Search List

Use boxes below the list of students.

  1. All four columns of criteria are used in the search; any of the criteria may be left blank.
  2. The condition between the Audition date, First Instrument and Second Instrument and Program is an OR. This means that there are many search possibilities and combinations. For example:
    • You can select either the primary instrument only OR the secondary instrument only,
    • OR either primary and secondary instrument at the same time
    • OR the Audition Date only
    • OR the Audition Date and the First and Second Instrument and Program
    • OR any combination of the 4 columns.


  1. You want to find all the students who have registered who indicate that the violin is their first instrument. Choose “violin” as the first instrument, leave the rest of the criteria blank, and click the “Search” button at the bottom, far right. You will see a list of students whose primary instrument is violin, who may also list a secondary instrument.
  2. You want to search for all students who play the violin, regardless of whether it is their First or Second instrument. Select “violin” in both the first instrument and second instrument categories; leave the other columns blank, and click the “Search.”
  3. You want to search for any sopranos who are interested in a music performance major. Click “soprano” in both the first and second instrument boxes, and choose “Music Performance” in the program box.
  4. You want to search for any flutists who are auditioning on December 1 (or any other audition date). Choose “December 1” (or any other audition date) in the audition box and choose “flute” in both the first and second instrument boxes.

Downloading a list of students to your computer

You may download any list that you create by clicking the link at the bottom of the page under “Download the complete report.” You’ll probably want to choose the Excel Workbook option. The Excel file contains more information than you can view online. Primarily, you might check this report for contact or high school/graduation information.

After you click download, you will be prompted to choose whether you want to open or save the file. If you just want to view the list, choose open. An Excel file will open, and you can work with it as you would any Excel file. If you want to save the file, choose save. You will be prompted for the location (such as the desktop) where you want to save the Excel file and will also have an opportunity to create a file name. Be sure to click the save button after you do that. Use it as you would any Excel file.

Accessing the Audition Reservation Sheet

To view the audition reservation sheet on the audition day:

  1. Look at the entire list of students and click on last name (this will alphabetize the list in ascending order).
  2. Click on the criteria you need (e.g. trombone for first and second instruments, audition date). You will see a list of all students in your performance area under first and second instruments.
  3. Click on the date under “Requested Date” on the far left to look at the student’s entire audition reservation sheet
  4. Most classrooms are equipped with internet connection and instructions on use with an external computer so that you can view the audition sheet.
  5. Bryan Hall and the Choral Rehearsal Hall are equipped with internet connections (you would need a long Ethernet cord available by contacting Mark Bunce).

To print out the audition reservation sheet prior to the audition day:

  1. Follow the above steps.
  2. After step three, print.