Digital Badges

Teachers and teacher candidates earn digital badges as micro-credentials to document their participation in and mastery of Project IMPACT professional development.

Micro-credentials allow professionals to document specialized additional training and skills beyond typical professional certifications or other credentials.

Digital badges are specially encoded digital images that contain information about the issuing authority and a link that allows the micro-credential to be externally verified using the Open Badge standards system and related technology.

“I thought that the sessions that I attended were very good. I love talking with and listening to other teachers talk of things that they are doing in their classrooms. I beg, borrow, and steal whatever I think sounds good and see if I can implement those ideas into my classroom. Seminars like this allow for the potential to gain a number of things that could be used in my classroom.” Project IMPACT Winter Virtual Conference Participant, Educators for IMPACT: Relationship Building and Responsive Pedagogy

Updated: 12/12/2023 09:45AM