Coaching Minor

With our coaching minor program, you will be well prepared to pursue career opportunities in coaching athletes. Employment of athletes, coaches, umpires and related workers is expected to increase by 23 percent over the next decade; greater numbers of people will continue to participate in organized sports during their recreation time and also in their attempts to maintain fitness levels.

BGSU offers coaching courses that will teach you:

  • Leadership in learning in sport coaching
  • Critical thinking about "values" in sport coaching
  • Understanding cultures and nations of sports from other cultures
  • New media and emerging technologies crucial for coaching

The School of HMSLS offers a 21-credit hour coaching minor available to undergraduate students in any major aspiring to coach children, adolescents or adults in athletic settings on a volunteer or supplemental basis. The aim is to help potential coaches to develop effective organizational, motivational and teaching strategies to guide successful programs. Students will have the opportunity to develop essential coaching and performance skills as well as requisite knowledge in related areas including athletic training, sport science and sport management. Coaching minors ultimately apply their knowledge and skills in a coaching practicum at the conclusion of the program.


Sample Course Options

The first four classes listed below are core courses of the coaching minor. KNS 2330 is an elective.  

Basic principles of prevention, recognition and care of sports injuries. Two one-hour lectures, one two-hour laboratory.

This course focuses on the needs of coaches by providing an overview and application of scientific principles and concepts of strength and conditioning in sport. Three one-hour lectures. Prerequisite: Declared coaching minor or permission of instructor.

Introduction to the teaching and coaching of physical activity. Two one-hour lectures, one two-hour laboratory. Prerequisite: KNS 2320 or KNS 2330 or KNS 2340 or KNS 2410.

This course is designed to explore "off-the-field" ethical concerns and situations that current coaches in the youth sport setting may encounter to help them better deal with and avoid potential issues. Participants will explore their own coaching practices to determine if there are areas of concern. Participants will create their own "ethics guide" to use in future coaching situations. Ethical concerns specified by the Ohio Department of Education will also be explored. Participants will learn how to address and deal with ethical coaching concerns. Three one-hour lectures. Prerequisite: KNS 2470.

Skill/strategy development for advanced performance/understanding of net/wall games, content progression, and integration of fitness concepts. Two one-hour lectures, one two-hour laboratory.


Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the minor, students will have developed the ability to:

  • Reduce injuries by managing roles better.
  • Communicate and motivate athletes.
  • Enhance the social and emotional growth of athletes.
  • Develop effective conditioning programs.
  • Teach sport tactics and skills effectively.
  • Effectively deal with equipment, facilities, scheduling, and team/sport logistics.
  • Understand the administrative facets of coaching.

Program Requirements

  • The coaching minor requires the completion of 21 credit hours.
  • There are five required courses totaling 15 credit hours in Category A.
    • Students must select at least two elective courses totaling six credit hours. (One elective course must be from Category B and one from Category C).
  • Coaching minors must have current CPR and First Aid certificate (or take KNS 3130) prior to undertaking KNS 3390; BCI/FBI Background check also required prior to KNS 3390.
  • Students selecting this minor are required to meet with an academic advisor and should declare this minor for inclusion on their DARS audit.
  • Students must obtain a grade of "C" or higher in 21 hours that count towards the minor.
  • Minor must include 15 hrs that cannot be applied to student's major area of study.
    • PETE majors already take all KNS courses in Category B and KNS 3400, KNS 3500, KNS 3600 & KNS 3700 in Category C. Therefore, PETE majors must take KNS 3050 Teaching Games for Understanding (3) and one additional SM course from Category C.

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