Benefits for Students

Project IMPACT Benefits for Students

Project IMPACT programming is designed to prepare, mentor, and develop highly qualified teachers.  Through participation in Project IMPACT, teacher candidates can distinguish themselves from others through training in partner-identifies areas of need, receiving field coaching, and supplementing classroom instruction with project modules.

Project IMPACT Student Group

Benefits of Participation in Student Group
“I had the unique opportunity to be involved with many of our student teachers who participated in several Project IMPACT professional development sessions last year.  One of the student teachers that I observed taking an active role in the PD series asked me for a reference letter.  I was able to provide a reference for that student, and I eventually received a call from a school considering the student for a position.  Based on my observations of and interactions with that candidate in the PD, I could truly recommend the candidate for hire.  Had the student not been involved in the Project IMPACT PD, I would not have been able to speak to the specific questions I was asked about that candidate's readiness and unique qualifications for the particular position. The Project Impact PD allowed me to see his true character, work ethic, maturity and even resilience in ways I typically can't for preservice educators. I also believe the PD helped him foster those traits even further.”  Dana Falkenberg, Assistant Superintendent, Springfield Local Schools.

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Updated: 02/28/2024 07:28PM