FMPD Minor Program


A Fine Line Between Fashion and Business

Fashion merchandising and product development (FMPD) is proud to offer a dynamic minor for undergraduates who are eager to make their mark in the competitive apparel industry. Open to all non-FMPD majors across BGSU, this niche program is your gateway to a challenging, satisfying and in-demand career in the fashion industry.

Why choose to minor in FMPD?     

  • Regardless of major – art, marketing, interior design, theatre, tourism, business – the FMPD minor offers specialty skills and value-added career options
  • Fashion-specific computer-aided design software 
  • Fashion trend reports
  • Merchandising strategies, product knowledge and textiles
  • Collaborative learning environment
  • Introduces students to a national and international network of retailers
  • Exposure to fashion destinations
  • Ohio is ranked in the Top 10 retail states by total impact, resulting in employment opportunities


Required Minor Courses: (15 total credits) 

FMPD 1510: Fashion & Textile Industry
FMPD 2510: Fundamentals of Fashion
FMPD 2810: Textiles for Fashion
FMPD 3510: Fashion Forecasting
FMPD 4510: Global Sourcing and Trade

Electives: Choose two of the following courses: (6 total credits)

FMPD 2020: Merchandising Math
FMPD 2400: Computers for Fashion
FMPD 3130: Technical Design
FMPD 3600: Omni-Channel Retailing
FMPD 4020: Merchandising Soft Goods

To declare a minor, request a MINOR REQUEST FORM from your College advising office.

Updated: 12/11/2023 11:21AM