Technology & Resource Center

Saturday, December 2, 11AM-1PM
Sunday December 3, 4PM-8PM

Remaining Fall Semester 2023 hours:

**Open until December 8, 2023
Monday-Thursday: 9AM-9PM
Friday: 9AM-5PM

Summary of access to popular TRC resources:

  • Printing: Students must use their own devices to send print jobs to the Black & white and color printers located in hallway just outside 213 and 215 Education or other campus Mobility Print printers.  More info -->
  • Copying: EDHD Students receive free black & white copies used for academic related purposes.  More info -->
  • Cricut paper cutting machines : Three or more machines will be available in the craft area.  Students will need to wipe down the work area when finished with provided sanitizer.
  • Craft materials and card stock:  Some items will be available in the craft area for students to access and many more items will be available by request from TRC staff.
  • Lab Computers: There will be no access to lab computers, students need to use their personal devices (except with Cricut machines). 
  • Binding machines and paper cutters: Students can access these items and then wipe down the area after use with provided sanitizer.
  • Work tables: Several work tables will be available.  Students need to wipe down their area after use with provided sanitizer.
  • Craft Packs: We have doubled our craft pack inventory this semester and added new items to each, including: black Sharpies, Post-It notes, pen, highlighter, and a single hole punch.  More info -->

Examples of TRC resources include:

• Access to productivity software and specialized applications specific to our college degree programs.
• Color printers, copiers, and scanners.
• 600 square foot craft area with Cricut Machines, laminators, binding machine, card stock, cutting boards, adhesives, etc.
• Circulation of classroom technology equipment: iPads, laptops, digital cameras, projectors, calculators, etc.
• Poster printer and 3D printers.

The Technology & Resource Center includes the following facilities:

• An open computer lab located in the room 213 Education which includes 18 Mac systems and 18 Dell systems, printers and copiers. The machines in this area are available exclusively as an open lab on a first come, first serve basis during the Lab's open hours and may not be reserved.

Office phone: 419-372-7392

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