Inclusive Culturally Responsive Educators


The Inclusive Culturally Responsive Educators organization strives to promote diverse students, teachers topics, current events, and ongoing conversations in education. This student-led organization is dedicated to building a community of growth and learning.  

ICRE is passionately focused on uplifting the educational resources and value of students and teachers of diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. 

Kate Jefferson and Miriam Sado


EDHD alumnas - Kate Jefferson and Miriam Sado - wanted educators to be better equipped to offer their students exposure to inclusive teaching practices and strategies.

In Fall 2019, these Inclusive Early Childhood students cultivated a student organization focused on new pathways to creating intentional and aware teachers who, in turn, would foster an improved learning environment and, ultimately, better students.

So, with seemingly unlimited passion and energy, they took the bold move of founding the Inclusive Culturally Responsive Educators (ICRE) student organization — an entity that would work to promote equity and inclusion for College of Education and Human Development majors.


Updated: 12/12/2023 02:41PM