Professional Year

Congratulations!  You are about to participate in the final phase of professional preparation to become a teacher.  Teaching is a profession, both rewarding and critical.  An effective teacher will provide the foundation for countless students to build upon and enjoy a fulfilling life experience.

The Professional Year Handbook was developed to guide the teacher candidate and the Classroom Mentor Teacher (CMT), with the assistance of the University Mentor (UM), through the teacher candidate field experience.  The handbook has been designed to be both user-friendly and all-inclusive.  This handbook may be supplemented with individual materials that are program specific.  These materials will be provided by program faculty or the University Mentor (UM).  

Embrace this special opportunity to transform theory into practice and set the path for future professional development.  The novice teacher should apply the learned aspects of teaching, while infusing individual personality and abilities into demonstration of the many and varied roles a teacher must perform.

BGSU faculty and staff would like to express profound appreciation to their school-based professional colleagues and collaborators.  The dedication of classroom teachers and school administrators enables and ensures the successful preparation of future teachers.

Updated: 12/12/2023 09:37AM