Study Abroad

Faculty-Led Education Abroad Programs

Short-term Faculty-led programs offer the opportunity for a group of students to explore the world with an EDHD faculty member. Faculty-led programs are built by professors who not only teach course content, but act as knowledgeable cultural guides for students.  

This international experiential learning provides an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in another country while building greater connections with the BGSU instructor and fellow students.

HESA Study Abroad (Graduate)

The BGSU HESA program has a long standing tradition of offering study abroad courses to help individuals gain exposure to cultures and higher education institutions abroad. Typically, courses run for two to three weeks just after the close of the spring semester.  

In past years, HESA has run multiple study abroad courses to locations such as South Africa, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and across Europe.  

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Keele Semester Abroad (Undergraduate)

Students from a variety of BGSU teacher education programs take 15 credit hours of coursework at Keele University in England. Courses, instructed by both Keele and BGSU faculty, are transferred and fully credited toward completion of BGSU education programs. Keele University was founded in 1949 as a residential campus university situated in the heart of England. There are currently about 7,000 full-time and part-time students. Of these, more than 200 each year come as visiting students.

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