Center of Assessment and Evaluation Services (CAES)

The Center of Assessment and Evaluation Services (CAES), formerly Center for Evaluation Services, is a university-based center serving the assessment and evaluation needs of large and small grants, programs, organizations, and K-12 schools, districts and agencies. In the past 13 years, CAES faculty have evaluated a wide range of projects funded by agencies such as the National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Education, Safe Schools/Healthy Students, state departments of education, and various private agencies. In addition, CAES has worked with more than 200 schools on projects that span assessment literacy, early childhood, reading, mental health, special education, school safety, response to intervention, after-school programming and grant writing. By drawing on the wide range of talents at BGSU, CAES has the capacity to support any project with tailored evaluation design, training, instrument/protocol development, data analysis and reporting.

How can CAES Work with You?

Collaborative Project/Evaluation Design

  • Project development with measurable goals;
  • Logic model development with clear inputs, outputs, and intended outcomes;
  • Writing the grant evaluation section for your next grant submission.

Instrumentation/Protocol Development

  • Selecting or creating appropriate instrumentation/protocols (i.e., surveys, focus group interviews);
  • Alignment of instrumentation/protocols with project/grant objectives.

Data Collection/Analysis of Data/Report Writing

  • Statistical, measurement, qualitative, and mixed methods analytic skills;
  • Fieldwork (i.e., observations, survey/test administration, interviewing);
  • Database creation and maintenance, data entry, transcription and coding;
  • Formative and summative report writing for funding agency or project/grant stakeholders.