Educator Licensure

Educator licenses are regulated by the Ohio Department of Education and state law. You must meet all requirements and follow all procedures required by the state to apply for or renew a license.

We understand that educator licensure can be confusing. We want to give you as much information as we can to make the process as easy as possible. If you need someone to talk to, we’re here for you!  

Still have questions after reviewing this page?

Contact Janet Hammersmith

if you're enrolled in a BGSU program and have questions about applying for initial licensure.

102 Education Building


Contact John C. Sorg, Ed.D.

for all other questions about licensure.

Cell phone: 419-559-8517


Teacher licensure

To be eligible for your initial teaching license, you must:

  • Successfully complete a degree program that leads to licensure. Make sure the BGSU program you are in leads to a teaching license! Don't assume.
  • Complete additional requirements for licensure (content and pedagogy exams, criminal background checks, etc.)  

You will be asked to complete a licensure worksheet before your student teaching orientation meeting. The worksheet will help in processing your application for licensure when you graduate.   

You will be contacted near the end of your final semester with directions and the timeline for applying for licensure. BGSU cannot guarantee that ODE requirements will not change. So we strongly recommend that you apply for your license when you graduate.

Contact John Sorg for a list of BGSU courses you can take to renew your license. If you’re pursuing supplemental licensure, your coursework also can be used to renew your license.  

It’s always a good idea to double-check with ODE to make sure coursework qualifies for license renewal.

NOTE: If you’re taking BGSU coursework to renew your license, you also can use that same coursework to complete an endorsement/certificate program or master’s program to advance your career.

You must follow state policies to renew your educator license. 

How to renew an Ohio license

Expired licenses can be reinstated, following procedures outlined by the state. 

How to reinstate your Ohio license

Email John Sorg with questions. 

How to apply as a graduate non-degree-seeking student if you are taking coursework to renew your license

  1. Apply to be a graduate non-degree student if you are:
    • Taking no more than 9 hours of coursework to renew your license
    • Are not seeking an endorsement, certificate or degree
  2. Apply as a graduate non-degree student

  3. After applying, give the system a day or so to process the application. Then sign the Financial Responsibility Agreement
  4. Next, sign up for classes. Once you are admitted and have a BGSU username and email, you can get into the MyBGSU portal. Look for the Student Center box. From there, you can register for classes. If you have trouble getting into those classes, email John Sorg.

Graduate cost calculator

Contact John Sorg for help if you want to add an additional teaching field to your license. He also can explain how you can use the same courses you take for supplemental licensure to renew your educator license.

If you are adding an endorsement to your current license, contact Janet Hammersmith.

Ohio Supplemental Licensure Pathway

Have you been hired to teach in a career technical education subject area? BGSU is the only university in the country to offer the flexibility to take the required coursework online for provisional or supplemental licensure. 

Career Technical Workforce Education licensure

For more information about CTWE licensure, contact:
Dawn Thompson
Education Building 317

If you are licensed in another state, you can apply for an Ohio license.  

BGSU offers the online reading courses that you often need when moving into Ohio. Contact John Sorg for help getting into those courses.  

Out-of-state licensure

We recommend getting your Ohio license first if you want to move to another state to teach. It may make it much easier to be licensed in your new state. Other states may require that you take additional college courses and licensure exams to meet licensure requirements in that state.

If you plan to teach outside of Ohio, contact Janet Hammersmith or John Sorg to document your plans. States often ask for a verification form to show that you have completed all requirements in Ohio. Fill out personal information on the form without your social security number and email it to Janet Hammersmith for completion.

There are several ways for people with a bachelor's degree to earn an initial teaching license in Ohio. 

  • You can enroll in a graduate or post-baccalaureate program. 
  • You can pursue alternative licensure through the state. 

For both options, you must pass state licensure exams.

How can BGSU help you earn your initial educator license?

  • Career tech graduate and undergraduate coursework. If you have been hired by a school to teach because of your expertise in a specific field, you will need to take 24 hours of required coursework at either the graduate or undergraduate level to qualify for licensure. Email Dawn Thompson or call her at 419-372-2904 to discuss next steps.
  • Alternative licensure. Review the seven-step process under “Steps for the Alternative Resident Educator Licensure Pathway” on the ODE website. Once you have your alternative license, BGSU offers an alternative resident educator certificate program that will allow you to elevate your license to a professional license. Contact John Sorg to discuss the alternative licensure process.

BGSU degree programs that lead to educator licensure

These BGSU programs lead to an initial Ohio license. 

Administrator licensure

You must submit a new application request for the professional administrator license if you are a candidate for a new principal and have completed an approved licensure program.

Traditional pathway 

An educator who is interested in applying for a professional administrator license must meet the qualifications outlined in Ohio law: 

Before you apply for your license, email Janet Hammersmith and let her know that you are applying for the principal license.  

When applying for your license, note that BGSU’s IRN# is 062893.   

Apply for your administrator license


If you complete the requirements for initial principal licensure you may apply for a professional principal license in the areas in which you have two years of successful teaching experience under a standard or professional teaching license (or work experience under a professional pupil services license).

The areas include:

  • Early Childhood, Middle Childhood, Multi-Age or Intervention Specialist licenses – teaching experience with students who are ages 3-12 and pre-kindergarten through grade 6. 
  • Middle Childhood, Multi-Age, Adolescence to Young Adult, Intervention Specialist or Career-Technical licenses – teaching experience with students who are ages 8-14 and grades 4-9. 
  • Middle Childhood, Multi-Age, Intervention Specialist, Adolescence to Young Adult or Career-Technical licenses – teaching experience with students who are ages 10-21 and grades 5-12.  
Application Instructions 
  • Log into your OH|ID account
  • Select “Educator Licensure and Records (CORE).”
  • Complete the online application from your CORE Dashboard.

You must submit a new application request for the superintendent license if you are a candidate for a new superintendent license and have completed an approved licensure program.   

Traditional pathway  

An educator who is interested in applying for a superintendent license must meet the qualifications outlined in Ohio law:   

  • Complete an approved preparation program. The BGSU district-level leadership certificate program is a state-approved program that offers all the coursework required for superintendent licensure (15 semester hours).
  • Earn a master’s degree from an accredited university. 
  • Take and pass the Ohio Assessment for Educators (OAE) 015 Educational Leadership licensure exam.
  • Have three years of successful experience in a position as a principal or administrative specialist while holding the respective license.

Before you apply for your license, email Janet Hammersmith and let her know that you are applying for the superintendent or administrative specialist license.   

When applying for your license, note that BGSU’s IRN# is 062893.  

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