Alumni and Dissertations

Although our students graduate, they never seem to be that far away! Alumni stay in touch through conferences, newsletters, e-mail, visits, service to the program, and other collaborative projects. We are very proud of our alumni! 

If you know of a HIED alum that is not on our list, or whose information is outdated, please let us know by e-mailing us at, or by calling us at 419-372-7382. We would love to hear from you!


Blaze Campbell Jacobs, A Labor of Love: How Student Affairs Professionals in U.S. Caribbean Territories Support Student Success at Public Universities.[Chair: Ellen Broido]

Brittany House Conrad, Narrative Inquiry of White Senior-Level Student Affairs Professionals' Experiences Engaging Social Justice and Inclusion and Addressing Issues of Whiteness [Chair: Maureen Wilson]

Abdulrhman Althgafei, "The UWC Breakthrough and Ascent: Factors and Transitions," explores the transformative work of the University of Western Cape (South Africa) in its post-apartheid journey to national, continental, and global prominence as an institution of higher education” (Chair: Christopher Frey)

Nina Barudzic, “ International faculty – chair relationship: Job satisfaction relative to leadership and communication quality” (Chair: Ken Borland)


Megan M. Arnold, A Case Study Exploring the Influence of Fraternity and Sorority Membership on Gender Identity Development [Chair: Maureen Wilson]

Emily T. Creamer, The Relationship Between Self-Reported Mental Health Characteristics and College Enrollment Behaviors [Chair: Margaret "Peggy" Booth]

Meredith Dixon, From Memos to TikToks: A Qualitative Study of Multigenerational Student Affairs Workplace Expectations [Chair: Maureen Wilson]

Andrea Hauser, A Grounded Theory Study of the Self-Authorship Development of Art and Design Students [Chair: Maureen Wilson]

Jody A. Kunk-Czaplicki, A Quantitative Investigation of Exposure to Trauma, Job Demands, and Job Resources on Burnout in Certain Student Affairs Professionals [Chair: Maureen Wilson]

Breanna Robinson, A Phenomenological Study of the Recruitment Experiences of Women Student-Athletes and the Factors that Influence College Choice [Co-Chairs: Dr. Christina Lunceford & Dr. Amanda Paule-Koba]


Bryan Austin Need for Cognition in Resident Assistants.  [Chair: Ellen Broido]

Keenan Colquitt, Jr., Narratives of Undergraduate Men about Masculinity and Men's Violence. [Co-Chairs: Ken Borland and D-L Stewart]

Heather Golden, A Top Fashion Program and the Traditional College Experience: A Narrative Study of Fashion Merchandising Students' College Choice. [Chair: Maureen Wilson]

Kristen Hidinger, A Phenomenology of Peer Interaction and Community in Accelerated Online Learning. [Chairs: Ken Borland]

Sue Ann Sanduksy, Predicting Student Veteran Persistence [Chair: Maureen Wilson]

Cari Urabe, Death, Transition, and Resilience: A Narrative Study of the Academic Persistence of Bereaved College Students. [Co-Chairs: Maureen Wilson and D-L Stewart]

Mark Zeno, Housing Partnerships: Understanding Organizational Culture Elements and Building and Maintenance Strategies Between University Professionals and Private Corporate Developers. [Chairs: Ken Borland]


Yifei Li, A Grounded Theory of Chinese College Students' Self-Authorship Development [Chair: Ellen Broido]


Krystal Allen, Standing on Shoulders: A Narrative Inquiry Examining the Faculty Mentoring Experiences of Black Women in a Doctoral Program [Chair: Maureen Wilson]

Kerry Klima, Hidden, Supported, and Stressful: A Phenomenological Study of Midlevel Student Affairs Professionals' Entry-level Experiences with a Mental Health Condition  [Chair: Maureen Wilson]

Yihui Li, Do all Asian Americans Feel Alike? Exploring Asian American College Students’ Sense of Belonging on Campuses [Co-Chairs: Hyun Kyoung Ro and D-L Stewart]

Liane Ortis, Identity Meaning-Making Among Polyamorous Students in Postsecondary Educational Contexts: A Constructivist Queer Theory Case Study [Co-Chairs: Christina Lunceford and D-L Stewart]

Jared Tuberty, The Council of Student Personnel Associations in Higher Education: A Historical Analysis of Inter-Association Collaboration in Student Affairs [Chair: Michael Coomes]


Howard "Ardy" Gonyer An Examination of Bias Incident Response at Postsecondary Institutions [Chair: Maureen Wilson]

Blaire Moody Rideout - A Study of the Inter-Rater Reliability of University Application Readers in a Holistic Admissions Review Process [Chair: D-L Stewart]

Reggie Shouse Examining the Influence of Perceptions of a Supervisor's Leadership Style on Levels of Psychological Ownership Among Entry-Level Professionals [Chair: Patrick Pauken]


Matthew Cooney - The Demographics and Utilization of Transformational Leadership Practices by Potential Community College Presidents [Chair: Kenneth Borland]

Jeremy Doughty - "The Other Side": A Narrative Study of South African Community Members' Experiences With An International Service-Learning Program [Chair: Maureen Wilson]

Beth Hoag - Opposites or Perfect Partners: Libraries and Student Affairs in Collaboration to Advance Student Learning [Chair: Kenneth Borland]

Lisa Kirchner Managing Student Death at Small College Campuses: Experiences of Senior Student Affairs Administrators [Chair: Maureen Wilson]

Rebecca Mosely - Understanding the College Choice Process of Students Enrolled in an Early College High School [Chair: Ellen Broido]

Katherine Stygles Queering Academia: Queer Faculty Mothers and Work-Family Enrichment [Chair: Ellen Broido]


Jo CampbellBehaviors, Attitudes, Skills, and Knowledge for Senior Student Affairs Officers [Chair: Maureen Wilson]

Judith Leary – Funding Faithful Felons: A Phenomenological Analysis of the Higher Education Transitions of Ex-Offender Scholarship Recipients [Chair: Ellen Broido]

Kelly Jo Larsen – Social Capital for LGBTQ + Student Leaders of LGBTQ + Identity Based Student Groups [Chair: Michael Coomes]


Ryan Bronkema – Campus Friends, Gender, and College Student Success [Chair: Nicholas Bowman]

Jacob Clemens – Studying Abroad: An Opportunity for Growth in Spirituality [Chair: D-L Stewart]

Sherry Early – An Examination of Mentoring Relationships and Leadership Capacity in Resident Assistants [Chair: Michael Coomes]

Nicole Hoefle-Cronenwett – Engaging Differences of Religious Belief: Student Experiences with an Intergroup Dialogue Course [Chair: D-L Stewart]

Kristen Lindsay – Senior Student Affairs Officers’ Perceptions of Critical Professional Competencies [Chair: Maureen Wilson]

Keith O’Neill – Changing Places: Narratives of Spiritual Conversion During the First College Year [Chair: D-L Stewart]

Matt Rygg – The Experiences of High-achieving, Undergraduate Students who Departed from Bowling Green State University in the First Year: A Case Study [Chair: Maureen Wilson]


Holly Asimou - The Experience of Senior Student Affairs Administrators Making Parental Notification Decisions About Disturbed and Disturbed/Disturbing Students [Chair: Maureen Wilson]

Chris Onasch - Comparison of Organizational Cultures Among Arts and Sciences Faculty at Ohio Public Universities [Chair: Patrick Pauken]

Christina Wright Fields -  A Case Study Exploring An Urban African-Centered Charter School Personnel's Development and Support of a College Going Ethos [Chair: Ellen Broido]


Jumei An - Faculty Perceptions of the National Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Evaluation at Regular Higher Education Institutions from 2003-2008 in China [Chair: Patricia Kubow]

Kirsten Brown - Institutional Practices that Support Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in a Postsecondary Educational Setting [Chair: Michael Coomes]

Michael Brown - The Nature of Spiritual Questioning Among Select Undergraduates at a Midwestern University: Constructions, Conditions, and Consequences [Chair: C. Carney Strange]

Chad Coates - Private Higher Education in Jamaica: Expanding Access in Pursuit of Vision 2030 [Chair: Patricia Kubow]

Allia Carter - Collaborative Leadership Practices among Ohio’s Early College High School Principals and Their Post-Secondary Partners [Chair: Patrick Pauken]

Nykia D. Gaines - Exploring the Perceptions of Study Abroad among Black Undergraduates at Historically Black Colleges and Universities [Chair: D-L Stewart]

Annie Russell - Voices unheard: Using Intersectionality to Understand Identity among Sexually Marginalized Undergraduate College Students of Color [Chair: D-L Stewart]


Mary Ann Begley - The Experiences of Latina Students at a Predominately White University [Chair: Ellen Broido]

Lisa McHugh Cesarini - A Comparison of Academic Administrators and Enrollment Managers’ Perceptions of Undergraduate Enrollment Management Functions at a Subset of Four-Year Public Institutions [Chair: Michael Coomes]

Peggy Crowe - Development and Fundraising Practices in Divisions of Student Affairs at 4-Year, Public Universities [Chair: C. Carney Strange]

Kacee Ferrell Snyder - A Study of Motherhood and Perceived Career Satisfaction of Women in Student Affairs [Chair: D-L Stewart]

Mary Jo Geise - A Longitudinal Analysis of Outcomes Associated with Ohio’s Postsecondary Enrollment Options Program [Chair: William E. Knight]

Michelle Rodems - Collaborative Relationships between Faculty and Student Affairs Professionals: A Case Study [Chair: Maureen Wilson]

Andrew Sadouskas - Resident Advisor Selection:  Is a Broad Measure of Personality a Good Predictor of Resident Advisor Performance? [Chair: Maureen Wilson]


Evelyn Ashley - The Gendered Nature of Student Affairs:  Issues of Gender Equity in Professional Student Affairs Associations

Paul Hoffmann - Examining Factors of Acculturative Stress on International Students as they Affect Utilization of Campus-based Health and Counseling Services at Four-Year Public Universities in Ohio

Leilani Kupo - Explorations and Understandings of Native Hawaiian College Women’s Identities

Alana Malik - Institutional Resource Allocation, Student Engagement and Student Satisfaction at Ontario Universities

Susan Sochacki - The Use of Storytelling in Nursing Education

Jessica Turos - Employment Recruiters’ Differentiation of Candidate Characteristics:  Does Study Abroad make a Difference?


Renee Clark - A Qualitative Exploration of the Experiences of College Students in a Skill-building Course for First-year Students

Sally Click - Melvine Draheim Hardee: Music Maker and Dreamers of Dreams

Kathy Collins - Those who just said No!: Career-life Decisions of Middle Management Women in Student Affairs Administration

Christie Cruise-Harper - The Relationship between Parental Notification and Recidivism and Retention of Students who Violated the University Alcohol Policy

Denise Davidson - National Job Satisfaction of Entry- and Mid-level Student Affairs Professionals

Cynthia Fulford - Preparing Students to Work in a Globally Diverse World: The Relationship of College Students’ Backgrounds and Colleges Experiences to their Orientation towards Diversity

Brady Gaskins - A Ten-year Study of the Conditional Effects on Student Success in the First Year of College

Jeff Kegolis - New Professionals' Perspectives of Supervision in Student Affairs

Pete Meagher - A Phenomenological Study of the Experiences of Respondents in Campus Based Restorative Justice Programs

Gina Ondercin - Being Interim: Leading in a Transitional Appointment

Angie Williams Chehmani - The Effect of Faculty-Student Interactions on Student Engagement at Community Colleges


Lou Benedict - The First Amendment and Academic Freedom: Faculty as Employees and Citizens

Tamara Rice - Riding Out the Waves: Community College Transfers Graduating with Bachelor's Degrees

Casey Sacks - Academic and Disciplinary Outcomes Following Adjudication of Academic Dishonesty

Julie Snyder - Using Astin's I-E-O Model to Explore the Effects of Student Characteristics and Engagement Practices on Academic Success for Low-income College Students


Carla Abreu Ellis - Learning Disabilities and Success in Postsecondary Education: How Students Make Sense of the Experiences at a Canadian University

Lori Doll-Speck - Study Behavior of Nursing Students

Aparajita Maitra - An Analysis of Leadership Styles and Practices of University Women in Administrative Vice Presidencies

Paul White - Assessing the Factors that Affect the Persistence and Graduation Rates of Native American Students in Postsecondary Education


Laura Gonzales - Latino and Latina First Year College Students: Factors Important to their Persistence

Brent Marsh - Examining the Personal Finance Attitudes, Behaviors, and Knowledge Levels of First-year and Senior Students at Baptist Universities in the State of Texas

Korine Steinke - Madwoman, Queen, and Alien-being: The Experiences of First-time Women Presidents at Small Private Colleges

Cathy Swick - Student Wellness: Tracking Demographic Characteristics, Health Risk Traits, and Health Information of Students over a Sixteen-year period 


Gary Anderson - The Transfer of Cultural Assumptions about American Higher Education in a Global Society: Perceptions of Visiting Russian scholars

Suhua Dong - The Impact of Residential Learning Communities on Students' Civic Engagement in Four Year Public Midwest Universities

Keith Hansen - Mid-level Student Affairs Professionals Perceptions of Spirituality: A Phenomenological Study

Tony Lake - Differences in Academic Success and Persistence between Members of Socially-oriented Fraternities and Sororities and Non-members

Marie Saddlemire - Faculty Understanding of and Communication about Undergraduate Academic Dishonesty


Marshall Davis - Focus on the Family Institute: A Case Study of a Christian Higher Education Learning Community

Janice Gerda - A History of the Conferences of Deans of Women 1903-1922

Howard Ward - The Impact of Collegiate Involvement on African American Alumni Giving


Barb Henry - The Transfer Dream: Factors that Predict Successful Baccalaureate Degree Attainment for Two-year College Transfer Students

Gretchen Lohman - The Relationships of Select Student Characteristics, Institutional Characteristics, Environmental Measures and Student Effort on Self-reported College Gains for First-generation First-year Undergraduate Students at Public Four-year Institutions

Jane Rosser - Feminists in Student Affairs: Negotiating the Process of Change


Bill Arnold - Working Overtime: Experiences of Newly Hired Racial Minority Staff Members at Small, Private, Predominantly White Colleges

Thomas Cahoon - The Texas Connection: The Academic and Social Integration of Texas Latino Students into a Midwest, Regional, State University

Rob Cunningham - Effective Practices for the Future: A Study of how Selected Institutions of Higher Learning Can Better Serve Students with Learning Disabilities

Rena Murphy - Contributions to the Attainment of Learning Outcomes through Co-curricular Activities: Perceptions from Students at Bowling Green State University

George Timmons - Exploring Leadership in Distance Education, the Blueprint for Success: A Correlational Study of Self-reported Leadership Practices and Institutional Characteristics

Vicki Williams - A Case Study of Success Against the Odds: The Leadership Development and Career Progression of an African American Female Head Basketball Coach: C. Vivian Stringer

Craig Chase Wilson - Free Online Degrees: Fact or fiction? A Study to Determine the Feasibility of the Delivery of a Tuition-free Online Degree


Melody Bennett - A Case Study of the Management of, and Response to, the Change of West Indies College to Northern Caribbean University

Jodi Devine - A Case Study of the Work Patterns and Job Expectations of Live-in Hall Directors as they Attempt to Accomplish the Mission of the Department of Residence Life

Lisa Dutton - Professional Socialization in Physical Therapy: Influences and Perceived Outcomes

Doug Frizzell - The Victimization of Resident Assistants at Small Private Institutions

Ted Hansen - A Study Examining the Factors Affecting Training Motivation

Xuelun Liang - An Evaluation of a Public University's ESL Program for International Graduate Students

Tommy Stevenson - Fundraising Practices at Selected Midwestern Two-year Colleges: Community, Junior and Technical College Foundations in the Twenty-first Century


Cynthia Crow - The Effect of the Junior Faculty Development Program Experience on Tertiary Russian Education Reform: A Case Study

Lisa Gueldenzoph - College Students' Use of Computer Technology and Its Relationship to Constructivist Learning

Stan Guidera - College Teaching in the Virtual Classroom: Faculty Perceptions of the Effectiveness of Online Instruction

Nick Hennessy - Constructions of the Risk Management of Alcohol Use in College Fraternities

Ardenia Jones Terry - The Attitudes of African-American College Students toward Rape at a Predominantly White Urban Midwestern Institution

Tom Kier - Relationships of Pre-college and Within-college Variables to Test Scores on a Pharmacy Licensure Examination

Kelli Peck-Parrott - Crime on Campus: The Communication Practices, Policies, and Ideal Practices between Campus Law Enforcement Officers and Campus Judicial Officers (2002 ASJA Dissertation of the Year Award)

Bettina Shuford - Learning Styles and Strategies of First-year College Students

Katie Demory Tadlock - The Relationship between Collegiate Activities and Civic Involvement among Alumni of a Land-grant University

John Wesley Lowery - Walking the Halls of Ivy with Christ: The Classroom and Residential Experiences of Undergraduate Evangelical Students


Lorraine Alston - The Social Integration of Rural and Small Town African American Students at Bowling Green State University

Kevin Bailey - Investigating Organizational Change through the Process of Building Campus Community: Perceptions from the Faculty at Bowling Green State University

Renee Borns - Faculty Orientation to Teaching in Student Affairs Preparation Programs in the Southeast

Carolyn Brightharp - Real and Ideal Leadership Practices of Women in Mid-level Administrative Positions in Student Affairs 

Bruce Clemetsen - Untangling the Web of Communication Channels in an Auxiliary Service Office at a Regional University

Leona Collins - Anna J. Cooper: Leadership strategies of an African-American Woman in American Higher Education

Iman El-Kaffass - A Case Study of a New Private University in Egypt

Rich Hughes - Student Affairs Middle Managers' Understanding and Use of Power in Achieving Organizational Change

Terry Lawrence - End-user Computer Literacy of Entering Graduate Students at Bowling Green State University

Laurie Rodgers - Student Perceptions of Quality of Services Offered by the Office of Student Financial Aid at Bowling Green State University

Darlene Whipple-Chambers - The Effects of a Training Model on Participants' Perceptions of Barriers to the Transfer of Training


Robert Callaway - The Self-reported Attitudes, Behaviors, Extent, and Types of Academic Dishonesty at Selected Community Colleges in a Midwestern State

Gene Chintala - Professional Education Associations' Involvement in President Truman's Commission on Higher Education

Steve Jones - Assessment of Delivery Technology in Distance Learning

Tracy Jones - Policy Analysis of Bowling Green State University's Freshman Seminar Course

Mary Beth Kennedy-Mowrey - Perceptions of the Role of the Faculty Athletics Representative at Universities Holding Dual Membership in the NAIA and NCAA

Heather Lane - A Study of Quality Assessment Practices and Attitudes within Student Affairs Departments at Canadian Universities

Dennis Mathern - Leadership Strategies of American University Presidents: A Leadership Model Analysis

Jan Neiger - Sexual Harassment of College Students by Faculty and Peers: Chaos and Confusion Bring No Common Ground for Finding an Appropriate Standard of Institutional Liability

Jeff Philpott - On the Road to Cambridge: A Naturalistic Case Study of Faculty and Student Affairs in Collaboration

Eileen Sullivan - Perceptions of Consensual Amorous Relationship Policies Held by the Leadership of Faculty, Administrators and Students at Public Four-year Institutions of Higher Education Where Such Policies Do Not Exist

John T. Woods - Academic Integrity Policies and Practices in Common Law Canadian Universities: An Examination of Compliance with Natural Justice


Mike Gillilan - Case Studies of College and University Judicial Affairs Administrators

Bob Gonet - An Exploratory Study of Male Students Interested in the Student Affairs Profession

Kathy Hoff - Emerging Career Development Needs as Reported by Adult Students at Four Ohio Institutions of Higher Education: A Qualitative Study

Jeff Johnson  - An Analysis of Curriculum Design in Developing a Doctor of Philosophy Program in Gerontology

Daniel Kettlehake - Exemplary Ohio NCAA Division III Intercollegiate Athletic Programs

Janet Morrison - Correlates and Predictors of Safer Sexual Behavior among Canadian Undergraduate University Students

Sophie Penney - Training College and University Judicial Boards to Adjudicate Sexual Assault Cases: A Needs Analysis

Gale Swanka - Career Paths of Women Directors of American College and University Student Unions


Gus Best - A Qualitative Analysis of the Effect of the University of the West Indies on Barbadian Society

Vicki Guthrie - The Relationship of Levels of Intellectual Development and Levels of Tolerance for Diversity Among College Students

Wanda Overland - College Presidents' Achieving Styles and their Perceptions of Gender Role Identity

David Vaillancourt - Graduate Student Needs and the Functions of Graduate Student Governments as Reported by Presidents of Graduate Student Governments


David Fried - A Study of Student Affairs Delivery Systems at Small, Private Colleges in the Midwest

David Hannah - Student-institution Legal Relationships in Colleges and Universities in the Common Law Provinces of Canada: An Analysis of the Case Law from 1982 to 1994

Manzetta Jackson - Occupational Stress, Personal Strain, and Utilization of Coping Resources by Female Administrators in Institutions of Higher Education

John R. Wolfe - Academic Life in the Best of Both Worlds: A Case Study of Faculty in a Rural Two-year Branch Campus

Adele Yung - The Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program (Ohio Senate Bill 140): Administrative Concerns in Higher Education


Christopher Bolgiano - Problem Drinking among the Faculty: Attitudes, Perceptions, and Responses of Co-workers Toward Alcohol-impaired Colleagues

Loretta Howell - The Impact of the U.S. Supreme Court Decision in Ayers v. Fordice on Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Guihua Li - A Descriptive Study of TESL Master's Degree Programs: Directors' Perceptions of TESOL's Professional Preparation Standards

Cynthia Miglietti - The Relationship of Teaching Styles, Expectations of Classroom Environments, and Learning Styles of Adult Students at a Two-year College

Simon Njumbwa - Adding Cultural Diversity as a Requirement for the Undergraduate General Education Core: A Case Study of Curriculum Change at Bowling Green State University

Ahmad Zargari - Identification of Curriculum Content for a Doctor of Philosophy Degree Program in Industrial Technology


Lynn Hogan - AIDSphobia, AIDS Knowledge, and Homophobia among University Faculty and Student Affairs Professionals at Selected State-assisted Universities in Ohio

Beth Sweitzer Riley - Undergraduate Academic Advising Needs of Adult Learners in a Four-year Private Institution in Ohio

Larry Zachrich - Attitudes and Perceptions Regarding the Use of Faculty Evaluation Processes in Ohio Two-year Colleges

Chunsheng Zhang - Risks of Presidential Leadership in Small Private Colleges: Challenges in Shaping Institutional Vision


Susan M. Willis - Conservative Think Tanks and Higher Education Policy: Selected Public Research Institutes and their Views on Issues in Higher Education


Holley Belch - A View from the Bottleneck: The Importance and Meaning of Middle Management and Career to Middle Managers in Student Affairs

Dale Brougher - Renewing Presbyterian Church-college Relations: Identification of the Key Issues through the Use of the Delphi Technique

Steven R. Mark - Ohio Colleges and Universities during the Gilded Age: Institutional Evolution, Elective Curriculum, Graduate Education, and Commercial Programs, 1865-1901

George M. Pillainayagam - A Longitudinal Equity Study of Ohio's Public School Finance System, 1980-1989

Marian Smith Hurley - An Examination of the Relationship between a Measure of Student Character and Selected Student Performance Variables

Thomas Stuckey - Cross Sectional Analysis of Allegiance to Religious Beliefs among Young Mennonite Adults


Christine Anglis - Career Advancement Strategies Utilized by Selected Women College and University Administrators in a Midwestern State

Brent Cejda - A Career Mobility Model for the Elementary Principalship

Tracey Gregory Wolfe - Development & Evaluation of an Expert System to Provide Assistance in the Administration of Gift Clubs

Denise Ottinger - Differences in Leadership Practices and Selected Demographic Characteristics of Women Executives in the Top Three Line Positions of Higher Education and Banking

Carol Logan Patitu - Job Satisfaction of African-American Faculty at Predominantly African-American and Predominantly White Four-year, State-assisted Institutions in the South

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