Student Benefits

Research has shown that students who attend BGCTM's Math Camps demonstrate statistically significant improvement in their mathematical self-efficacy, are more comfortable with mathematics, and become more flexible in their problem solving strategies.

“Math camp was an amazing experience for our students. The students were actively engaged in the activities and tasks that were given to them. Many students stated that they wanted to have Math Camp every Saturday. They loved everything about it; especially the dances and competing with a team.”
- Tami Matney, K-8 Mathematics
  Coach, Imagine Clay Avenue Schools

"Math Camp made me better at math. They gave me hints at how to
be better at math."
- Wesley

"Math Camp was fun and you got to do a whole lot of math stuff. If you didn't understand something there were a ton of people there to help"
- Walter

"Math Camp is a lot of fun and you get to meet college students and you get to learn a lot of things that you didn't know before."
- Darianna

"Math Camp was fun and helped me understand math more. You know the song for PEMDAS, it helped me understand PEMDAS more. They mixed math with singing and dancing. It was a lot of fun!"
- Dalilah    

Updated: 10/23/2023 06:16PM