Roles and Responsibilities of the Classroom Mentor Teacher

The Classroom Mentor Teacher (CMT) should work cooperatively with University personnel to conduct and evaluate the Teacher Candidate’s (TC’s) experience and to provide support and networking for the TC within the broader school environment. The CMT contributes much to the development of the competencies that are desired in TCs by:

  • Providing an atmosphere of acceptance and preparedness for the TC as a professional and co-worker in the teaching staff.
  • Becoming familiar with the TC’s personal and educational background.
  • Providing the TC with information concerning the school, its policies, regulations, available teaching materials, sources of school supplies, handbooks, curriculum guides, etc.
  • Supplying the TC with essential data concerning the pupils with whom he/she will be working.
  • Introducing the TC to the administrators, teacher colleagues, building personnel, parents, resource personnel, and other professionals.
  • Developing an early sense of TC responsibility in long-range unit and daily planning as well as coordinating tasks for the entire teaching team; using the Co-Teaching model as a guide to introduce the TC into teaching responsibilities gradually.
  • Collaborative planning for instructional activities for the TC as soon as possible in addition to preparation and setting up of teaching materials, helping individual pupils, etc.
  • Establishing timeframe to turn in lesson plans to allow for adequate time for CMT to review and critique for TC to adequately prepare to deliver lessons.
  • Establishing regular periods (daily at first) for conference and discussion of classroom and teaching issues so the TC can receive critical preparation and then feedback.
  • Suggesting carefully developed classroom management procedures.
  • Conferencing regularly with the University Mentor (UM) and the TC.
  • Observing lessons formally and informally, providing feedback in writing and online.
  • Helping the TC reflect upon and evaluate his/her own progress.
  • Allowing the TC to develop his/her own unique teaching abilities and personality whenever feasible, but recognizing and respecting at all times the legal responsibility of the CMT.
  • Formally contributing to the TC’s written performance evaluations and conferences at the mid-semester and conclusion of each semester of the professional year

Classroom Mentor Teacher Checklist

  • Submit verification information (online) as requested by the University Mentor (UM). Further instructions will follow.
  • Review the CMT resources:
  • Provide the Teacher Candidate (TC) with an orientation to the district/school, policies and procedures. Provide district Teacher Handbook and Student/Parent Handbook.
  • Help your TC become acquainted with the building, teaching resources, supplies and audio/visual equipment. Introduce the TC to your colleagues.
  • Provide workspace for the TC.
  • Review the Professional Year Handbook.
  • Work with your TC to develop a timeline for implementing planning and instructional responsibilities for each phase using the Co-teaching Model as a guide.
  • Establish procedures for regular two-way communication, questions, and feedback with both the TC and the University Mentor (UM).
  • Discuss format and timing of lesson plan submissions for review and consultation. Review initial lesson plan examples and provide specific feedback.
  • Critique weekly lesson plans ahead of time and offer suggestions. Monitor implementation of plans. Offer suggestions and ensure that plans address necessary aspects of the management of the instructional environment as noted in the Co-teaching Model.
  • Observe your TC weekly and provide written suggestions for improvement. At least one formal observation should be completed during the term. These should be shared and discussed with the UM.
  • Conduct problem-solving conferences concerning all issues that may arise with the TC as they occur and keep UM informed.
  • Collaborate with the UM to complete the on-line mid-term evaluation.
  • Participate in the mid-term evaluation conference with the TC and the UM to review the performance of the TC.
  • Collaborate with the UM to complete the final online evaluation.
  • Participate in the final evaluation conference with the TC and UM to review the performance of the TC.
  • Assist/Advise the TC in arranging observation of other teachers or administrators to learn more about professional activities and gain insights into instructional and classroom management techniques, etc.
  • Contact the Office of Educator Preparation and Partnerships at (419) 372-7389 if you have any questions or concerns. For Firelands campus, please contact the student teaching internship coordinator at (419) 372-0868.

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