Placement Policies and Procedures

The Office of Field Experiences has developed partnerships with area schools and will make placements for early field experiences listed in this handbook.

  • Placements are made with qualified, available teachers within a 70 mile radius of Bowling Green.
  • Placements are not made in schools the candidate attended or in schools where relatives are employed.
  • Due to the large number of placements made, candidates are not able to request particular schools or districts.
  • Teacher candidates may not make their own placement arrangements.  Teacher candidates may not request a placement change based on but not limited to: district, grade level, subject area, teacher, and location.

It takes several weeks for the office to finalize all placements within a course section.  Once made, all placements are final.  Placement information will be emailed to students from the Office of Field Experiences.  It will include district/building name and location, classroom teacher name and contact information, and directions for next steps.  In addition, a Field Partnership Coordinator will provide a brief orientation about field experience during the first week of classes.

Updated: 12/12/2023 09:36AM