Career-Technical Licensure


BGSU provides the required State Ohio coursework for individuals who have been hired to teach in a K-12  State of Ohio Career Technical Workforce Development Education program (CTWD).
BGSU’s coursework for the license is offered in a 100% online environment.  While online courses
demand more self-discipline than traditional courses, they offer the significant benefits of greater
scheduling freedom and savings on time and costs of travel. The goal of these licensure programs
(previously called “Route B”) is to contribute to your success as a career-technical education teacher.

BGSU offers the coursework at both the undergraduate and the graduate level.  Undergraduate coursework can be applied towards an Associate’s Degree in Technical Study from the BGSU Firelands Campus and/or a Bachelor of Science degree in Management and Technology.  These degrees are offered 100% online.

Individuals completing coursework for the Career Technical license at the graduate level will earn a BGSU Career Technical Workforce Education Certificate.  The coursework can also be applied towards a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Teaching.  All coursework for the Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Teaching is offered 100% online.

If you already hold a bachelor’s degree, as you decide whether to take the courses at the undergraduate or graduate level, please consider that many school districts pay teachers with graduate credits or master’s degrees higher salaries. In addition, be aware that once a course is taken at the undergraduate level, it can never be used toward a master’s degree or for any other purpose for which a graduate course is required.

Updated: 10/16/2023 10:00AM