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Why a doctor of education degree in Leadership Studies?

The Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) program in Leadership Studies is an interdisciplinary terminal degree. ItLeadership Theories student is a post-master’s program designed to engage professional individuals in a rigorous process of inquiry, practice, and reflection. The primary aim of the Doctoral Program in Leadership Studies is to prepare individuals to exercise leadership that will transform the quality of organizations, schools, colleges and universities, and other human resource institutions and thereby enable those organizations to attain specific goals and objectives while remaining competitive in a global society.

Why the Ed.D in Leadership Studies at BGSU?

BGSU’s Ed.D. in Leadership Studies is suited for both full-time graduate students wanting an immersive higher education experience and for working professionals with full-time employment who desire part-time doctoral work. Our core classes meet one night a week to allow easy scheduling and planning for students with jobs and families. A new cohort begins the program each Fall semester and participants tend to develop a close knit camaraderie that results in both personal and professional relationships that last a lifetime.   
The Leadership Studies program also has an active alumni network. We are proud to have our graduates making a major impact in their many professional fields across the globe, and they are eager and ready to assist our new graduates as they near the completion of our program.

Graduates of the Leadership Studies program are employed around the world. They hold various leadership positions within organizations, including K-12 superintendents, higher education administrators, social service leaders, corporate human resource development officers, and consultants. Many graduates have also continued in academia and are working in tenure-track faculty positions at colleges and universities across the U.S. and abroad.

•    Multidisciplinary program inviting individualized research
•    Cohort model provides personal and professional support
•    Flexibility of either full-time or part-time study
•    Core courses meet just one night a week
•    Support for dissertation available throughout the program
•    Alumni network available across the globe

•    Apply theoretical perspectives of leadership to influence and motivate human behavior.
•    Develop, expand, and communicate understandings of leadership in context of their multidisciplinary and diverse professional knowledge bases.
•    Be a critical consumer and producer of a variety of research, evaluation, and data relevant to leadership, organizational behavior and/or practice in their chosen field.
•    Continually reflect upon, analyze, and improve leadership actions and skills to improve individual, institutional, and societal outcomes.
•    Become an active member of the community of leadership scholars; contributing both individually and collaboratively.

Updated: 12/11/2023 10:38AM