Graduate Testimonials and Dissertations

"The Leadership Studies Program is life-changing and impactful. It has enhanced my life in a myriad of ways. I wasn’t sure I would be able to work full-time and go to school while also having a family. The program structure allowed me to balance work/family/school and continue my education. I had pursued my dream. I was blessed to enjoy supportive professors, make incredible memories and develop life-long friendships. The program truly created opportunity for me to put leadership into action."

 - Andrea Depinet, Ed.D., '12, Assistant Vice President, Campus Operations, Bowling Green State University

"The real challenges in organizations are found in getting people engaged and bridging leaders to adapt to a constantly changing environment. I honor my professors, colleagues and cohort who helped to guide me through an extraordinary leadership and learning experience. My journey at BGSU prepared me well for my role in a world-class health care organization."

- Debra Ball, Ed.D., '14, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Aspirus Health

"I use what I learned in the Leadership Studies doctoral program in my personal and professional life on a daily basis. It has given me the skills to conduct research which has resulted most recently in the publication of my first co-edited monograph. More importantly, it has made me a more confident leader and supervisor. I feel more equipped to assess situations and to discern how best to achieve change. The networks I created along this educational journey have also been invaluable."

- Colleen Boff, Ed.D., '15, Head Librarian, Curriculum Resource Center, Bowling Green State University

All Leadership Studies dissertations since the fall of 2005 appear in the OhioLink Electronic Theses and Dissertations Center. If you are interested in viewing, reading and/or downloading a dissertation, please go to and browse the dissertations by school, department or by the author's name.



Edwards, Cindy (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

“Experiences of Teacher Educators Utilizing Technology in Teacher Preparation Programs”

Maxwell, Joshua (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

“Discovering the Aspects of Crises, the Environment, and Self that Inform Entry-Level Residence Life Crisis Managers”



Freeworth, Staci (Chair: Dr. Chris Willis)

"A Phenomenological Case Study of Faculty Experiences with Student Resistance in Stem Gateway Courses: A Comparison of the Use of Learning Assistants (LAS) and Traditional Teaching Styles"

Lawrie, Kelly Basden (Chair: Dr. Rachel Vannatta)

"Engagement as a Predictor of Charitable Giving to One's Alma Mater"


Eboch, Karen (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

"A Marathon, Not a Sprint: A Longitudinal Study of Social Sustainability and Supplier Development in Athletic Apparel/Footwear Supply Chains"

Punches-Flick, Rachel (Chair: Dr. Judy May)

"To Stay or Go? A Qualitative Investigation of the Motivational Factors Influencing the Career Ascension of Academic Advisors in Higher Education Institutions"


Castellaneta, Teresa (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

"Iron Sharpens Iron: A Case Study on Instructional Coaching for Professional Learning and Leadership Development"

Darwish, Rabab (Chair: Dr. Judy May)

"The Role of Decision-driven Data Collection on Northwest Ohio Local Education Agencies' Intervention for First-time-in-college Students' Post-secondary Outcomes: A Quasi-experimental Evaluation of the PK-16 Pathways of Promise (P3) Project"

Thorne, David (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

"Investigating Differences in Volunteer Administrator Challenges and Management Practices"



Alt, Andrew (Chair: Dr. Kristina LaVenia)

"Fostering Belonging: Improving Academic Outcomes among First-generation Students through a Pre-matriculation Intervention"

Babel-Smith, Ruth (Chair: Dr. Judy May)

"Female Law Enforcement Leaders: Adapting, Improvising and Overcoming Socialized Gender Roles"

Muema, Emmah (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

"Leadership and Policy for Reforms and Change in Higher Education: A Review of the Juakalization Phemomenon of Public Universities in Kenya"

Vostal, Margaret (Chair: Dr. Christy Galletta Horner)

"Collegial Trust for School Improvement: A Case Study of K-12 General and Special Education Teachers"


Lee, Brittany (Chair: Dr. Rachel Vannatta)

"The Impact of Literacy Coaching within the Literacy Collaborative Framework on Teachers' Overall Sense of Efficacy in Literacy Instruction"


Jeffries, Treva (Chair: Dr. Judy May) 

“A Comparative Study of Multi-tiered Interventions on Attendance and Graduation Rates of Urban High School Students: A Whole Child Equity in Education Approach”

Seeger, David (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken) 

“Follower Perception of Leadership Communication and Leadership Style Significantly Predicting Follower Job Satisfaction Among Ohio Community College Employees”

Zemanski, Justin (Chair: Dr. Paul Johnson) 

“The Adoption and Execution of Successful Levy Campaign Strategies in Districts with Low Voter Support”



Hamady, Carrie (Chair: Dr. Judy May)

“An Examination of Outcomes of Undergraduate Dietetics Students in an Enhanced Academic Program”

Hughes, Shannon (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

“Equity Preferences and Service Delivery in Metroparks of the Toledo Area”

Jones, Naketa (Chair: Dr. Paul Johnson)

“Preserving the Public Sector: A Qualitative Examination of Millennial Leaders’ Workplace Expectations and Workplace Longevity in the Public Sector”

Krause, Robert C. (Chair: Dr. Paul Johnson) 

“What is Killing Firefighters? A Study of Volunteer Firefighter Fatalities”

Kreischer Gajewicz, Gloria (Chair: Dr. Judy May)

“Examination of the Change in Science Content Knowledge, Personal Science Teacher Efficacy, and Science Teaching Outcome Expectancy Due to Participation in Modeling Instruction Professional Development”

Mack, Darlene (Chair: Dr. Judy May)

“Student Perception of Safety and Positive School Climate after Trauma-informed care professional development”

Ricketts, Amanda (Chair: Dr. Judy May)

“Improving Students’ Perceptions of Teacher Care through Teacher Professional Development”

Scott, Delbert Christopher Eugene (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

“Developing an instrument to Measure Educator Perceptions of African American Male Students PreK-12”

Stiltner, Sara (Chair: Dr. Chris Willis)

“Mentorship in Athletics Training: A Two Phase Study”

Won, June (Chair: Dr. Chris Willis)

“Exploration of Leadership Behaviors of PGA Professionals in the Golf Industry”


Fults, Justin (Chair: Dr. Rachel Vannatta) 

“Identifying Teacher Emotional-Social Competencies that Predict Positive & Negative Relationships with Students”

Hendricks, Deborah (Chair: Dr. Paul Johnson) 

“The Impact of Mindfulness Training and Phone App Among Academic Advisors”


Banks, Pierre (Chair: Dr. Rachel Vannatta)

 “Exploratory Study of Generational Differences in Facets and Overall Job Satisfactions of a Division in a Multi-State Healthcare Provider”



Filipchuk, Danielle (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

 “A Quantitative Study of the Moral Orientation of Student Conduct Professionals”

Igwebuike, Alvin (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

“Evaluating the Effect of ESEA’s Funds Consolidation Provision on School-level Achievement at Title 11 Elementary Schoolwide Program Buildings”


Hesson, Chet (Chair: Dr. Chris Willis)

"Using Student-Athlete Experience To Predict Mental Well-being"

Hoelzle, Joseph T. (Chair: Dr. Paul Johnson)

"A Causal Comparative Study of Performance Pay for Teachers in Ohio: Does Performance Pay Affect Student and Teacher Performance?"

Shirsat, Abhijeet R. (Chair: Dr. Judith May)

"Understanding the Allure and Danger of Fake News in Social Media Environments"


Bangura, Yusif (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

"Multicultural Education: The Relationship Between Preservice Teachers' Multicultural Self-Efficacy and Cultural Awareness When Teaching in Multicultural Classrooms"

Burney, Calvin Leon, Jr. (Chair: Dr. Judy Jackson May)

"The Impact of Mentoring on African American Males' Ability to overcome 'Perceived Effects of' Stereotype Threat"

Contat, Bradley D. (Chair: Dr. Chris Willis)

"Ethical Principal Leadership Through Acts of Virtue: A Phenomenology"

Henry, Dawn Therese (Chair: Dr. Rachel Reinhart)

"Standards-based Grading: The Effect of Common Grading Criteria on Academic Growth"

Hotmire, Jesse (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

"Principals' Role Perception and Implementation of Educational Reform"

McKinstry, Tashlai (Chair: Dr. Chris Willis)

"Contributing Factors In The Academic Success Of African American Girls: A Phenomenological Examination"



Dubose, Lisa E. (Chair: Dr. Patrick Paulken)

"Experiences in the Leadership Advancement of African American Women"


Barhite, Brittany L. (Chair: Dr. Chris Willis)

"The Effects of Virtual Leadership Communication on Employee Engagement"

Walters, Elizabeth (Chair: Dr. Chris Willis)

"The Relationship Between Athletic Training Program Directors Self-Reported Leadership Style and Program Success"  


Moser, Matthew A. (Chair: Dr. Paul Johnson)

"An Exploration of the Relationship between Principal Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, and Student Achievement"

Voss, Corrie A. (Chair: Dr. Chris Willis)

"The Narrative Journey of the Conscious Leader

Grant, Scott S. (Chair: Dr. Chris Willis)

"A Multiple Case Study Analysis of Ohio Interscholastic Extracurricular Pay to Participate Policies"

O'Neal, April M. (Chair: Dr. Rachel Vannatta Reinhart)

"The Effects of Calling and Vocational Presence and Search on Psychological Well-Being"

Mitova, Mariana A. (Chair: Dr. Rachel Vannatta Reinhart)

"Relationship Between Investments in Self and Post-Graduation Career Satisfaction Among Apparel and Textiles Majors"

Hippler, Rachelle K. (Chair: Dr. Rachel Vannatta Reinhart)

"Computing-based Self-esteem: The Interplay of Competence and Worthiness"

Goodwin-Glick, Kelly L. (Chair: Dr. Rachel Vannatta Reinhart)

"Impact of Trauma-Informed Care Professional Development on School Personnel Perceptions of Knowledge, Dispositions, and Behaviors Toward Traumatized Students"


Light, Ann M. (Chair: Dr. Judy Jackson May)

"An Examination of the Ascension to and Experiences in the Metropolitan Chief Fire Officer Position: Implications for Leadership, Policy and Practice"

Guice, Andrea Deneen (Chair: Dr. Judy Jackson May)

"School Achievement Through Social Programming: The Effects of a School-Based Mentoring Program"

Braun, Theresa Popp (Chair: Dr. Rachel Vannatta Reinhart)

"Demographic Predictors of Accrued Undergraduate Federal Student Loan Debt"

Wohlgamuth, Kelly J (Chair: Dr. Judy Jackson May)

"An Examination of Resident Educators and the Role of Self-Efficacy on Teaching in Collaborative Inclusive Settings"

Kauffman, Janine R (Chair: Dr. Paul Johnson)

"Leading in the Middle: Conversations and Dialogic Leadership in Higher Education"

Theis, Jennifer Lee (Chair: Dr. Rachel Vannatta Reinhart)

"Technology predictors of inquiry-based teaching: an examination of two k-12 1:1 pilots"


Schumacher, Ronald (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

"What Attracts Students To A Small, Private University?"

Boff, Colleen T.A. (Chairs: Drs. Patrick Pauken and William Ingle)

"Quantitative Study of Academic Library Administrators Using Bolman and Deal's Leadership Orientation Framework"

Petroff, Ruth Ann (Chairs: Drs. Patrick Pauken and William Ingle)

"The Relationship Between Leadership Traits and Effectiveness Among the Private, Public, and Nonprofit Sectors"

Gabriel, Jerome (Chair: Dr. Rachel Reinhart)

"Situational Leadership Awareness Development In Student Outdoor Leaders Through Training Versus Experience"

Jackson, Joyce Marie (Chair: Dr. Mark Earley)

"An Examination of the Perceptions of Online Physical Education: How Fit is Online PE?"  


Lambdin, Matthew W. (Chair: Dr. Paul Johnson)

"The Relationship of Sophomore Student Debt on Retention in a Private University"

Whitman, Tiffany M. Preston (Chair: Dr. Mark Early)

"African American Leadership Experiences in Education Organizing For School Reform"

Ball, Debra A. (Chairs: Drs. Patrick Pauken, Joyce Litten, Deborah Vargo)

"A Phenomenological Study of the Nurse Leader: Before, During, and After Merger"

Lenner McDonald, Julie Ann (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

"Stakeholder or Gatekeeper: The Role of the Principal in Gifted Education"

Raveendran, Reetha Perananamgam (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

"Life of Purpose: Exploring the Role an Athletic Code of Conduct Plays in Shaping the Moral Courage of Student Athletes"

Tudor, Margaret L. (Chair: Dr. William Ingle)

"Predicting Student Athletes' Motivation Towards Academics and Athletics"

Rellinger, Brian A. (Chair: Dr. William Ingle)

"The Diffusion of Smartphones and Tablets in Higher Education: A Comparison of Faculty and Student Perceptions and Uses."

Foster, Danielle C (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

"K-12 Private Catholic School Leaders' Perceptions of Marketing Plans & Enrollment Management: Implications for Leadership and Enrollment"


Rogers, Pamela N. (Chair: Dr. Mark Earley)

"A Qualitative Study Of The Life Satisfaction Of Single Divorced Women In Leadership"

Methner, Gereon V. (Chair: Dr. Judy Jackson May)

"Perceptions of Administrative Support and Follower Readiness in Middle School Teachers"

Sickler, Stephanie L. (Chair: Dr. Rachel Vannatta Reinhart)

"Undergraduate Student Perceptions of Service Quality as a Predictor of Student Retention in the First Two Years"

Hague-Palmer, Toycee A. (Chair: Rachel Vannatta Reinhart)

"Academic and Campus Experiences of African American Males: Implications for Collegiate Satisfaction and Student Engagement"  

Ratliff, Jason (Chair: Dr. Rachel Reinhart)

"Perceptions And Experiences Of University Administrators On Internationalization Planning And Implementation At A Midwestern University: A Mixed Methods Study"

Issah, Mohammed (Chair: Dr. William Ingle)

"The Relationship Between Perceptions of Fit and Job Satisfaction among Administrative Staff in a Midwestern University"

Childs, Sidney Robert (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

Impact of the Student Support Services/TRIO Programming on Persistence and Academic Achievement

Goodsite, Sandra Sue Skillings (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

"School Leadership and Strategic Planning: The Impact on Local Report Card Ratings"

Burke, Mark Edward (Chair: Dr. Rachel Ann Reinhart)

"Using Student Risk Factors to Predict Student-School Connectivity"


Zipporah Abla (Chair: Dr. Kyle Ingle)

"Portraits of Successful African Immigrant Faculty Members on US Campuses"

Andrea Depinet (Chair: Dr. Rachel Vannatta Reinhart)

"Becoming Critical Thinkers: The Impact of Treatments on Student Reflective Practice in the College Classroom"

Paul Soska (Chairs: Drs. Judith Zimmerman and Paul Johnson)

"Use of Rasch Rating Scale Modeling to Develop and Validate a Measure of District-Level Characteristics and Practices Identified to Improve Instruction and Increase Student Achievement"

Eric Calvert (Chair: Dr. Terry Herman)

"Linked Leadership: The Role of Technology in Gifted Education Coordinators' Approaches to Informed Decision Making"

Carrie Rathsack (Chair: Dr. Rachel Reinhart)

"A Profile of Early 21st Century Teachers of Northwest Ohio:  The Relationship Between Teachers' Technology Integration and Leadership Practices"

Michelle Toth (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

"Exploring a  Relationship Between Workers' Perceptions of Leaders and Workers' Self-Efficacy in Social Services"


Bruce Meyer (Chairs: Dr. Rachel Reinhart and Dr. Patrick Pauken)

"Does the Number of College Credits Earned in a Tech Prep and Postsecondary Enrollment Options Program Predict College Success?"

Michael Scoles (Chair: Dr. Rachel Reinhart)

“An Examination of the Impact of Prior Teaching Experience on the Self-Efficacy of School Counselors in the State of Ohio."

Peggy Adams (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

“Field Instructors’ Perceptions of Core Attributes: Implications for Leadership and Gatekeeping.”

Brenda Oyer (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

“The Relationship between Principals’ Confidence, Humility, and Effectiveness: A Study of Teacher Perception.”

Penny Soboleski (Chair: Dr. Rachel Reinhart)

“Fast For Word: An Investigation of the Effectiveness of Computer-Assisted Reading Intervention.”


Gretchen Carroll (Chair: Dr. Judith Zimmerman)

“An Examination of the Relationship between Personality Type, Self Perception Accuracy and Transformational Leadership Practices of Female Hospital Leaders”

Todd Cramer (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

“Predicting Student Success on the Third Grade Reading Achievement Assessment in Ohio”

Marcia Latta (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

“Characteristics and Motivational Factors of Major Donors to Bowling Green State University."      

David Wagner (Chair: Dr. Mark Earley)

“Leadership Education Reconsidered: Examining Self-Perceived Leadership Styles and Motivation Sources among Undergraduate Leaders”

Petrina Hill (Chair: Dr. Judy Jackson May)

“An Examination of the Impact of the IEP Team Composition and Transition Planning upon the Success of Students with Disabilities in Urban School Districts.”

Peter Mateso (Chair: Dr. Judith Zimmerman)  

“Understanding Succession Planning and Management Efforts at Midwestern University: A Mixed Methods Study."

Chad Warnimont  (Chair: Dr. Rachel Vannatta Reinhart)

“The Relationship between Students' Performance on the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) and the Fourth and Fifth Grade Reading and Math Achievement Tests in Ohio."

Kristine Hoover (Chair: Dr. Rachel Vannatta Reinhart)

“Values and Organizational Culture Perceptions: A Study of the Relationships and Antecedents to Managerial Moral Judgments."


Tricia Hastings (Chair: Dr. Rachel Vannatta Reinhart)

"Factors that Predict Quality Classroom Technology Use."

Jamie Hollinger (Chair: Dr. Rachel Vannatta Reinhart)

"The Relationship Between Students' Reading Performance on Diagnostic Assessments and the Third Grade Reading Achievement Test in Ohio."

Suzanna Leone (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

"The Relationship Between Classroom Climate Variables and Student Achievement."

Mercedes Neber (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

"The Roles of Mentoring and Family Support in the Development of Asian Pacific American Leaders."

Lamandren Derrick (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

"Exploring Mentoring Relationships between African-American High School Males and African-American Male Principals."

Alexander Edwards (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

"Professional Citizenship and Otherness Leadership Development: Examining the Relationships among Meaning, Moral Reasoning, and Diversity Competencies of Graduate Students."

Marie Fallon (Chairs: Dr. Patrick Pauken and Dr. Judith Zimmerman)

 "A Quantitative Study of the Appointment Process of Local Board of Health members and the Relationship to Board Effectiveness."

Kim Kirkland (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

"Academic Misconduct: Is What Students Believe Different from What They Do?""

Joan Simonis (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

"The Relationship Between Music Educators’ Ethical Awareness and Students’ Sense of Belonging and Academic Achievement."

Clarence Thomas (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

"'Three-Skill' of Effective Administrators and their Comfort Level in the Conduct of the Performance Evaluations of School Psychologists."

Shanda Gore (Chair: Dr. Judy Jackson May)

"An Examination of Involvement Behaviors and Minority Student Retention at Academic Medical Institutions."

Margo Greicar  (Chair: Dr. Rachel Vannatta)

"The Professional Preparation of Academic Deans."

Sarah Harrison (Chair: Dr. Judith Zimmerman)

"An Examination of Evaluation Plan Quality in Human Service Nonprofit Organizations."


Melissa Askren-Edgehouse (Chair: Dr. Judith Zimmerman)

"Characteristics and Career Path Barriers of Women Superintendents in Ohio."

Martin Miller (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

"A Study of the Career Paths and Leadership of Male Principals in the Elementary Schools of Ohio."

Cristina Mello-e-Souza Wildermuth (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

"Engaged to Serve: The Relationship Between Employee Engagement and the Personality of Human Service Professionals and Paraprofessionals."

Matthew Lee Partin (Chairs: Dr. Mark Earley and Dr. Jodi Haney)

"The Clem Model: Path Analysis of the Mediating Effects of Attitudes and Motivational Beliefs on the Relationship Between Perceived Learning Environment and Course Performance in an Undergraduate Non-major Biology Course."

Joyce Litten (Chairs: Dr. Judy Jackson May and Dr. Judith Zimmerman)

"A Quantitative and Qualitative Inquiry into the Call to Serve Among Non-traditional Undergraduate Social Work Students."

Kimberly Ann Watson (Chair: Dr. Julie Edmister)

“The Role of Mentoring, Family Support, and Networking in the Career Trajectory of Female Senior Leaders in Health Care and Higher Education.”


Mark J. Carroll (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

“Physical therapists' perception of risk of violating laws and rules governing the practice of physical therapy and/or their personal moral and ethical values when failing to provide treatment for an uninsured or underinsured patient.”

Robert N. Falkenstein (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

“Student Experiences of Participation in Tracked Classes throughout High School: The Ethic of Justice, School Leadership, and Curriculum Design.”

Joan Moon (Chair: Dr. Judy Jackson May)

“Effect of a Computer-Based Multimedia Educational Module on Knowledge of the Menstrual Cycle.”

Susan Bernheisel (Chair: Dr. Mark Earley)

“The Relationship between Education and Leadership Behaviors in New Graduate Baccalaureate Prepared Nurses and New Graduate Associate Degree Prepared Nurses

James Gunner (Chair: Dr. Mark Earley)

“One-to-One Laptop Initiatives: Powerful Hubs of a Distributed Student Learning Network?”

Benard Manyibe (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

“Building International College Student Leaders: The Role of Campus Community Service”

José Salinas (Chair: Dr. Mark Earley)

“Educational Experiences of Children in the Migrant Stream: Environmental Factors Necessary for Academic Success”

Karen D. Smith (Chairs: Dr. Mark Earley and Dr. Patrick Pauken)

“Spinning Straw into Gold: Dynamics of a Rumpelstiltskin Style of Leadership”

Julie Spade (Chair: Patrick Pauken)

“The Relationship between Student Bullying Behaviors and Self-Esteem”

Paula Whetsel-Ribeau (Chair: Rachel Vannatta)

“Retention of Faculty of Color as it Relates to Their Perceptions of the Academic Climate at Colleges and Universities”

Carol Rosiak (Chair: Judy Jackson May)

“The Predictive Validity of the DIAL-3 Kindergarten Readiness Screening Assessment as it Relates to Reading and Math Academic Achievement in the Fourth Grade.”

Debra Gallagher (Chair: Dr. Rachel Vannatta)

“Learning Styles, Self-Efficacy, and Satisfaction with Online Learning: Is Online Learning for Everyone?

Jeffrey Grilliot (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

“Gratz v. Bollinger and Grutter v. Bollinger: A Case Study”


Marjori Krebs (Chair: Judy Jackson May)

“Service Learning: Motivation for K-12 Teachers”

Susan Miko (Chair: Patrick Pauken)

“The Impact of School District Income Tax on the Frequency of Requests for New Operational Tax Levies in Rural Ohio School Districts”

Carnell Smith (Chair: Patrick Pauken)

“Lasting Legacies: The Effects of Natural Mentors in the Lives of At-Risk African-American Male Adolescents”

Cathy Woodward (Chair: Patrick Pauken)

“Effectiveness of Governance Boards in Traditional Public School Districts and Community Public Schools in Ohio”

Allison Goedde (Chair: Dr. Rachel Vannatta)

"Factors Predicting Preservice Teacher Technology Competency."

Frank J. Latendresse (Chairs: Dr. Mark Earley and Dr. Patrick Pauken)

"Individual and Organizational Characteristics that Facilitate and Restrict Boundary Spanning of Team Leaders."

Luis A. C. Lima (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

"Leadership in the Information Age: How Chief Information Officers Lead Information Technology Workers."

Sivanarulselvan Sachidanandam (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

"Why Physicians Do or Do Not Use Computerized Physician Order Entry Systems: Applying the Technology Acceptance Model."

Martha Tanicala (Chair: Dr. Rachel Vannatta)

"Design and Implementation of Nursing Student Clinical Experiences and Program Effectiveness as measured by NCLEX-RN Pass Rates."

Patrice Akilah McClellan (Chair: Dr. Judy Alston)

"Wearing the Mantle: Spirited Black Male Servant Leaders Reflect on Their Leadership Journey."

Faith Wambura Ngunjiri (Chair: Dr. Judy Alston)

"Tempered Radicals and Servant Leaders: Portraits of Spirited African Women Leaders."

Michael D. O'Shea (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

"Student Perceptions of Teacher Support: Effect on Student Achievement, Goal Attainment and Academic Performance."


Kathleen Hope Anthony (Chairs: Dr. Judy Alston and Dr. Mark Earley)

"Exploring Helper and Consumer Partnerships that Facilitate Recovery from Severe Mental Illness"

Bryan Jeremy Cavins (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

"The Relationship between Emotional-Social Intelligence and Leadership Practices among College Student Leaders"

Jon McDermott (Chair: Dr. Judy Alston)

"A Comparison of the Effectiveness of a Personal Computer-Based Training Device and a Flight Training Device at Improving Instrument Proficiency: A Case Study in Leading Regulatory Change in Aviation Education"

Pamela Carter Speaks (Chairs: Dr. Leigh Chiarelott & Dr. Patrick Pauken)

"Intervention Assistance Teams: The Process and the Progress -- Two Schools' Approaches"

Michael E. Zalar (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

"Ohio's Academic Content Standards for Science K-12: A Legal and Policy Analysis of Intelligent Design Using Q Methodology"

Samuel Hancock (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

"The Impact of Cultural Diversity Training on Working Relationships among Employees at the Medical College of Ohio"

Doris I. Herringshaw (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

"An Investigation of Leadership Orientation of Family Consumer Sciences Extension Professionals and Functioning of Issue Teams"

Molly Blank McClure (Chair: Dr. Judy Alston)

"Determining the Predictive Validity of the New Student Transition Questionnaire at Bowling Green State University"

Lillian A. Schumacher (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

"The Relationship between Supply Managers' Emotional Intelligence and their Performance"

Robin Wheatley (Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken)

"An Investigation of Factors that Influence African American Families to Choose a Charter School Education Instead of a Traditional Public School Education for Their High School Students"

Duane L. Davis (Chair: Dr. Judy Alston)

"A Correlative Study of African-American Adolescent Racial Identity Development and Their Levels of Cultural Mistrust and its Implications for Ethical Educational Leadership"


Pamela Ann Bruno [Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken]

"Ethical Decision-Making among Superintendents and School Board Members in Ohio"

Frederick Chaim Buskey [Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken]

"Moral Magnetism: Leadership with a Purpose"

Ruth Stein Ford [Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken]

"Leadership Influence on Work Opportunities for Older Adult Workers"

Terry Lee Herman [Chair: Dr. Judy Alston]

"The Effect of an Online and Face-to-Face Course Delivery Model on Achievement for Students Enrolled in Two Computer Basics Course: Ethical and Leadership Considerations"

Elizabeth Anne Christo-Baker [Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken]

"College and University Faculty Attitudes, Incentives and Barriers Toward Distance Education"

Dean Allan Wittwer [Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken]

"Selecting Competent and Effective Teachers: A Case Study of Three Public Schools in Ohio"

Duane Lionel Davis [Chair: Dr. Judy Alstron]

"A Correlative Study of African-American Adolescent Identity Development and Levels of Cultural Mistrust: Implications for Ethical Educational Leadership"

Rhonda Renee Foster [Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken]

"An Investigation of Stakeholder Attributes, Salience and the Extent of Involvement in Decisions Related to Strategic Change: The Perceptions of Health Care Organization Chief Executives"

Kevin Allen Gorman [Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken]

"Perceptions and Experiences of Mobile High School Students"


Sharyn Nicole Jones [Chair: Dr. Judy Alston]

"The Praxis of Black Female Educational Leadership from a Systems Thinking Perspective"

Lisa Chyvonne Chavers [Chair: Dr. Judy Alston]

"An Investigation of Mentoring Sources Utilized by Pre-Service Teachers"

Andrew M Smith [Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken]

"The Relationship Between Student Mobility and School District Performance Accountability Ratings in Ohio"

Elizabeth Jeanne Cain [Chair: Dr. Carney Strange]

"Constructions of Cultural Responsiveness of Curricular and Teaching Practices by Nurse Educators"

Diana Kaye Garver [Chairs: Dr. Patrick Pauken and Dr. Michael French]

"Collaboration Among Third Grade Teachers and Their Title I Reading or Special Education Teacher"

Carlos Raphael McCray [Chair: Dr. Judy Alston]

"Perceptions of Alabama Secondary School Principals Concerning Multicultural Education"


Stephen Richard Fogo [Chairs: Dr. Patrick Pauken and Dr. Robert Ludwig]

"School Reform Models and Their Effect on Student Reading Achievement and Principal Success"

Margaret Brennan Krueger [Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken]

"The Impact of AllDay EveryDay Kindergarten on Performance on the Ohio Fourth Grade Reading Proficiency Test"

Floyd Demone Beachum [Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken]

"The Support, Importance and Perceived Deterrent Effect of Character Education Among Preservice Teachers"

Steven Dwayne Castle [Chairs: Dr. Robert Ludwig and Dr. Patrick Pauken]

"Job Satisfaction of Ohio City, Local and Exempted Village School Superintendents and Their Perceptions of a Career Crisis in the School Superintendency"

Rozalind Gail Herzig [Chairs: Dr. Patrick Pauken and Dr. Rachel Vannatta]

"The Effects of the Level of Computer Technology Use in the Classroom on the At-Risk Student's Grade and Attendance"

Jasmine Rita Renner [Chair: Patrick Pauken]

"An Analysis of the Knowledge Levels of Ohio's Post-Secondary Educators in Public/State, Private and Two-Year Colleges and Universities Regarding Copyright Ownership of Web-based/Online Courses and Materials"

Pamela Hudson Baker [Chair: Dr. Rachel Vannatta]

"The Role of Self-Efficacy in Teacher Readiness for Differentiating Discipline in Classroom Settings"

Mitchell C. Emmons [Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken]

"The Baldrige Approach to Performance Excellence in the Educational Service Center"

Julie Dean McIntosh [Chair: Dr. Leigh Chiarelott]

"Differences between Baldrige and Cook Models: Perceptions of the Success, Activities and Products of Strategic or Continuous Improvement Planning"

Mary M. Murray [Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken]

"Graduate Students' Perceptions of Family-Centered Practices in a Masters Level Early Childhood Special Education Preservice Program"


Bryan K. Miller [Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken]

"The Influence of Personal and Professional Values upon the Value of Honesty among Superintendents in County Boards of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities"

Todd M. Nichols [Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken]

"An Investigation into the Perceptions of Students, Coaches and Administrators in Regard to the Deterrent Effect of a Drug-Testing Policy on Students' Choice to Use, or Not to Use, Drugs"

Karen L. Walker [Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken]

"The Utilization of Multiple Intelligences to Differentiate Instruction in a Middle School Setting"


Brenda Ruth Kallio [Chair: Dr. Patrick Pauken]

"Outsourcing At-Risk Students to For Profit Organizations School Board Members' Attitudes"

Brenda Reynolds Mayo [Chair: Dr. Eugene Sanders]

"An Investigation of Principals' Leadership Orientations and Their Impact on School Effectiveness: A Study of 32 Schools within a Suburban School District"

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