Julie Matuga

School of Educational Foundation, Leadership and Policy
566 Education
FAX: 419-372-8448


Ph.D., Educational Psychology
Emphasis: Learning, Cognition & Instruction
Indiana University, Bloomington, 1999
Dissertation: Children’s Private Speech During Algorithmic and Heuristic Drawing Tasks

M.S., Curriculum & Instruction
Emphasis: Art Education
Indiana University, Bloomington, 1999

B.S., Curriculum & Instruction
Emphasis: Art Education
Indiana University, Bloomington, 1990


BGSU 1000: University Seminar

  • Topic: Learning Smarter: The College Guide to Your Brain’s Brain

BGSU 1910: First Year Seminar

  • Topic: Creativity, Risk & Problem Solving (Honors)

EDHD 3160: Designing Action Research in Schools
HNRS 4990: Honors Project
EDFI 3000: Academic Service Learning Applied to Educational Psychology
EDFI 3010: Educational Psychology Applied to Early Childhood
EDFI 3020: Educational Psychology
EDFI 3030: Educational Psychology Applied to Adolescent Development

EDFI 4900: Topical Seminar

  • Independent Study
  • Problems in Education
  • Practicum in Online Teaching and Learning

EDFI 6710: Human Growth & Development
EDFI 6730: Adolescence Development within Social Context
EDFI 6750: Cross-Cultural Human Development and Learning
EDFI 6770: Contemporary Theory and Research in Classroom Learning

EDFI 7840: Topical Readings

  • Vygotskian Theory and Research

EDFI 6900: Directed Research


Coordinator for the BGSU’s Graduate K-12 Online Teaching and Learning Certificate 

Coordinator for BGSU’s College Transition Collaborative (CTC)

Vice Provost, Institutional Effectiveness (2017-2019)

Associate Vice Provost, Institutional Effectiveness (2015-2017)

  • Director, Institutional Research (2015-2018)
  • Director, Center for Faculty Excellence (2016-2019)
  • Director, Office of Academic Assessment (2015-2019)

  • Director of Academic Assessment (2013-2015)

    Special Assistant to the Provost for Assessment (2012-2013)

    ADMINISTRATIVE POSITIONS with College of Education and Human Development

    Associate Dean, Assessment, Research and Technology (2010-2012)

    Coordinator, Center for Evaluation Services (2009-2011)

    Academic Program Coordinator, Toledo School for the Arts (2007-2013)

    Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and External Programs (2006-2011)


    Online Teaching & Learning

    • Promoting and Supporting Student Learning within Online Education Environments
    • Promoting and Supporting the Development and Use of Self-Regulation in Online Education Environments

    Assessment & Evaluation in Education

    • Using Assessment Data to Improve Student Learning
    • Using Assessment Date to Drive and Support Instructional and Institutional Change
    • Using Institutional Data to Improve Academic Programs and Institutions (Institutional Effectiveness)

    Student Belonging and Learning in Higher Education

    Women Academic Leadership in Higher Education


    The CTC Belonging Project, Funded by The College Transition Collaborative (January 1, 2015), awarded January 1, 2015, PI: Julia Matuga, Co-PI: Andy Alt

    Institutions Developing Excellence in Academic Leadership-National (IDEAL-N), Funded by National Science Foundation (August 3, 2015), awarded August 3, 2015 ($27,000.00), Co-PI’s: Julia Matuga, Margaret Yacobucci, & Lisa Hanasono

    BGSU ALLIES: Building Inclusive Leadership Practices and Policies to Transform the Institution, Funded by National Science Foundation (September 1, 2018 - September 1, 2021), awarded September 1, 2018 ($984,484.00), Funded, FALL 2018, PI: Michael Ogawa with Co-PI’s: Margaret Yacobucci, Sheila Roberts, Lisa Hanasono, Julia Matuga


    Matuga, J. M., & Jessica M. Turos, J. M. (2018). Infrastructure support for using assessment data for continuous improvement. New Directions for Teaching and Learning, 155, 81–88.

    Matuga, J. M., Turos, J.M. & Nickoson, L.A. (2018). “Integrated and intentional institutional infrastructures to support the assessment of undergraduate writing: How data fuels this process. Reinvention Collaboration: Cultivating Curiosity, Creativity, and Discovery: Undergraduate Educational Experiences at America’s Research Universities. Digital Publication.

    Yu, M., Novak, J.A., Lavery, M.R., Vostal, B.R., & Matuga, J.M. (2018). Predicting college completion among students with learning disabilities. Career Development and Transition for Exceptional Individuals, 41(4), 234-244.

    Wooldridge, D.G., Poirier, S., & Matuga, J.M. (2018). Quality Online Learning in HigherEducation. Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, (5) 4, 3930– 3044.

    Matuga, J.M., Wooldridge, D.G., & Poirier, S. (2011). Assuring quality in online course delivery. International Journal of Adult Vocational Education and Technology, 2(1), 36–49.

    Lencl, M. & Matuga, J.M. (2010). The lifetime bully: Investigating the relationship between adolescent bullying and depression in early adulthood. Journal of School Counseling, 8 (7). Retrieved from http://www.jsc.montana.edu/articles/v8n7.pdf 

    Matuga, J. M. (2009). Self-Regulation, Goal Orientation, and Academic Achievement of Secondary Students in Online University Courses. Journal of Educational Technology & Society 12 (3), 4–11.

    Book Chapters

    Hanasono, L. K., Yacobucci, M.M., & Matuga, J.M. (2019). Breaking the bamboo and glass ceilings: Challenges and opportunities for Asian and Asian women faculty leaders. In J. Chao & L. Ha (Eds.), Asian women leadership: A cross-national and cross-sector comparison (pp. 28-46). Taylor & Francis Routledge.

    Wooldridge, D. G., Poirier, S., & Matuga, J.M. (2018). Quality online learning in higher education. Encyclopedia of information science and technology, Vol.5, 4th Ed. (pp. 3930– 3044). Hershey, PA: IGI Global Publishers.

    Matuga, J.M. (2012). Significant moments: The development of private speech and drawing as it relates to creative activity in early childhood. In Contemporary perspectives on research in creativity in early childhood education (pp. 227-250). Information Age Publishing.

    Matuga, J.M. (2007). Self-regulation and online learning:  Theoretical issues and practical challenges to support life-long learning. Online education for lifelong learning (pp. 146-168). London: Information Science Publishing.

    Matuga, J.M. (2006). The role of assessment and evaluation in context: Pedagogical alignment in online courses. Online assessment, measurement and evaluation (pp. 316-330). Hershey, PA: Information Science Publishing.


    2018-2019           Advisory Board for College Transition Collaborative (CTC), College Transition Collaborative (CTC)

    2016-2019           CIMA Data Policy Committee, Commission on Information, Measurement, and Analysis (CIMA)

    2015-2019           EIA Reviewer, National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA)

    2017-2019           BGSU’s Liaison, MAC-Academic Leadership Development Program (ALDP)

    2013-2019           BGSU’s Institutional Coordinator for COACHE, (University)

    2015-2019           BGSU’s Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO) Higher Learning Commission (HLC)

    2010-2011           Conference Chair, International Association for Science and Technology for Development (IASTED)

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