Christopher J. Frey

Associate Professor, School of Educational Foundations, Leadership and Policy

Area Coordinator, Educational Foundations and Inquiry, Social Foundations of Education

Affiliated Faculty, Asian Studies Program, Higher Education and Student Affairs

554 Education


Ph.D., History, Philosophy and Policy Studies
Indiana University-Bloomington, 2007
Dissertation Title: Ainu Schools and Education Policy in Nineteenth-Century Hokkaido, Japan

M.A., East Asian Studies
Indiana University-Bloomington, 2006

M.S., Comparative Education
Indiana University-Bloomington, 2003


  • ASIA 1800: Asian Civilizations (Asia since 1945)
  • BGSU 1910: First Year Seminar: Cross-Cultural Experience
  • EDFI 2980: Schools, Society and Cultural Diversity
  • EDFI 2990: Field Experience in Cultural and Community Contexts
  • EDFI 4080: Education in a Pluralistic Society
  • EDFI 4800/6800: Navajo Art, Culture and Education
  • ASIA 4800: Senior Seminar in Asian Studies
  • EDFI 6020: History of Education
  • EDFI 6030: Social & Cultural Foundations of Education
  • EDFI 6890: Internship in Cross-Cultural Education
  • EDFI 6990: Thesis Research
  • EDFI 7010: Comparative Higher Education
  • EDFI 7540: Qualitative Research Methods
  • EDFI 7600: International Education Policy


  • Comparative Histories of Indigenous Schooling
  • Colonial Schooling in Imperial Japan - Ainu Education
  • Minority, Immigrant and Colonial Education
  • Cross-Cultural Teaching
  • Geography of Education


Refereed Articles

Booth, M.Z., Gerard, J., Deom, G.M., & Frey, C.J. (2022). Deconstructing adolescent ethnicity: A longitudinal analysis of youth ethnic identity and classification in a multi-cultural US school. Journal of Adolescence, 94(3), 366-379.

Booth, M. Z., Abercrombie, S., & Frey, C.J. (2017). Contradictions of adolescent self-construal: Examining the interaction of ethnic identity, self-efficacy and academic achievement. Mid-Western Educational Researcher, 29(1), 3-19.

Frey, C.J. (2016). Developing education for colonization in Meiji Japan: Americans and the Kaitakushi Tokyo Provisional School, 1872-1875. Keiō Gijuku Daigaku Kyōshoku Katei Sentaa Nenpyō, 24, 5-19. 

Booth, M. Z., Frey, C. J., Collet, B., Curran, E., Gerard, J., & Bartimole, J. (2014). Ethnicity, gender, and adolescent attitude toward school: Adaptive perspectives in diverse settings. Midwestern Journal of Educational Research, 26(2), 3-27.

Zhou, Y., Frey, C. J., & Bang, H. (2011). Understanding of international graduate students’ academic adaptation to a U.S. graduate school. International Education, 41(1), 76-94.

Frey, C. J. (2010). The politics of education policy borrowing and lending: A study of the “Jordan Model” of knowledge economy reforms. World Studies in Education, 11(1), 37-54.

Frey, C. J., & Whitehead, D. M. (2009). International Education Policies and the Boundaries of Global Citizenship in the United States. Journal of Curriculum Studies, 41(2), 269-290.

Winstead, T., Lawrence, A., Brantmeier, E. J., & Frey, C. J. (2008). Language, sovereignty, and the cultural contestation for Navajo schools in the era of No Child Left Behind. Journal of American Indian Education, 47(1), 46-64.

Ortloff, J. D., & Frey, C. J. (2007). Blood relatives? Citizenship, immigration, and language education policies in Germany and Japan. Comparative Education Review, 51(4), 447-470.

Stachowski, L. L., & Frey, C. J. (2005). Student teachers' reflections on service and learning in Navajo reservation communities: Contextualizing the classroom experience. School Community Journal, 15(2), 101-120.             

Book Chapters

Frey, C. J. (2017). The white savior in the mirror. In A. Wiseman (Ed.), Annual Review of Comparative and International Education 2016 (Vol. 30, pp. 185-200).

Dahlgren, R. L., Patterson, N.C., & Frey, C. J. (2014). An injury to all? The haphazard nature of academic freedom in America’s public schools. In P.L. Thomas, B. Porfilio, J. Gorlewski, & P.R. Carr (Eds.), Social context reform: Equity and opportunity – not accountability – in education reform (pp. 106-127). Routledge. 

Frey, C. J. (2013). Ainu schooling: Globalization and self-determination. In C. Bjork & G. DeCoker (Eds.), Japanese education in the era of globalization (pp. 101-114). Teachers College Press.

Frey, C. J. (2011). Yoshitsune legends in Ezo-Hokkaido: Myth and the teaching and learning of colonialism in Japan's north. In H. Niedrig & C. Ydesen (Eds.), Writing postcolonial histories of intercultural education. (pp. 122-147). Peter Lang.


Frey, C. J. (PI), Rosser, V. J. (Co-I). (2016-2017). Mandela-Washington Fellowship Youth Leadership Institute: Civic Leadership, Summer 2017. US Department of State and IREX (Funded: $150,000).

Booth, M.Z., Gerard, J., Frey, C. J. and Manning, W. (2015). Enhancing Social Opportunity in Post-Recession Era Through Academic Climate for Adolescents and Young Adults. Spencer Foundation ($49,999, one year).

Subreenduth, S. (PI) & Frey, C. J. (co-PI). (2012-2013; 2013-2014). Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program. US Department of State ($367,000 for two years). Intensive six-week program for up to 20 international teachers from 17 different countries on the BGSU campus, Feb-Mar 2013 and 2014. 

Ingle, K. (PI) & Frey, C. J. (Co-PI). (2013). Belize teacher quality and qualitative research project. International Initiatives Committee, College of Education & Human Development, BGSU. ($2600). To develop a research and exchange program with the University of Belize.

Frey, C. J. (2012). Benevolent care, education and the Ainu in Japan’s north, 1790-1868. Institute for the Study of Culture and Society, BGSU ($5000). One semester research leave, Fall 2013.

Frey, C. J. (PI) & Booth, M. Z. (Co-PI). (2012). Improving academic achievement and social opportunity for marginalized youth: The influence of in and out of school characteristics. BGSU Faculty Research Council ($10,000). Supported fourth and final year of a longitudinal study of adolescent achievement in nearby Lakeport high school. 

Booth, M. Z. (PI) & Gerard, J., Collet, B., and Frey, C. (Co-PIs). (2009). Improving academic achievement and social opportunity for adolescents from low SES multicultural rural communities. EDHD Research Development Council BGSU ($12,500). Supported first of four year ‘Lakeport’ research project.  

Japan Ministry of Education (Monbukagakusho) Graduate Research Fellowship. 18 month research grant: JP¥3,940,000 (US$32,800). Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan, 2005-2007


  • Historian and Member, Executive Committee and Board of Directors, US Comparative and International Education Society (CIES), 2015-2018. 
  • Chair, CIES Special Interest Group Standing Committee, 2016-2017. 
  • Member, Ad Hoc Committee on Knowledge Mobilization, New Media, and Member Communications, Comparative and International Education Society, 2014-15
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Diaspora, Indigenous and Minority Education, 2012-2015. 
  • Chair, Japan Special Interest Group, Comparative and International Education Society, 2008-2010.
  • Member, Advancement of the Field Committee, Comparative and International Education Society, 2008-2009
  • Reviewer, Comparative Education ReviewJournal of Curriculum Studies, Intercultural Education, American Educational Research Association (Division F), Comparative and International Education Society.
  • Board Member, Educational Policy Analysis ArchivesJan. 2005-present.
  • List Editor, H-Education, History of Education Discussion List, Part of H-Net Humanities and Social Sciences Online, 2005 – 2014

Select Service at BGSU:

  • Chair, BGSU Faculty Senate, 2020-2022
  • Faculty Sponsor, Inclusive and Culturally Responsive Educators (ICRE) Student Group, 2019-2022
  • Master of Arts in Cross-Cultural and International Education (MACIE) Program Coordinator, 2011-2017
  • University Graduate Council (2021-present) 
  • Asian Studies Advisory Committee, 2007-present
  • Faculty Leader, Navajo Nation Immersion Trip, May 2022

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