Prospective CSP Students

Welcome to the Prospective CSP Students Page!  

This page contains all the information you will need to submit an application for our program. Please review the process and required materials below. 

Fall 2024 CSP Program and Admission Information  

Interview Days for the CSP Program for the 2024-2025 academic year will be held February 11-12 on BGSU’s campus.  Virtual interviews may occur by appointment after the on campus I-Days concludes.

The priority admission deadline is December 1, 2023.  Applications submitted after this date will still be considered.

Applications completed after December 1 will be considered on a space-available basis.

Application Process

Completed applications will be reviewed and evaluated by the CSP Admissions Committee beginning December 1 and priority is given to candidates whose files are complete by that date. A completed application includes all 6 items detailed below. Applications that are completed after December 1 will be considered on a space-available basis.

Applicants for graduate study in CSP must have earned a bachelor's degree and show potential for successful completion of a graduate degree. Admission to the program requires the candidate to be offered and accept an internship. (The internship can be completed via full-time employment in student affairs with approval of the chair.)

International students: Please note that applications for graduate admission will be processed in the Office of Admissions only. Only upon admission will International Student Services contact you for further information. 

Admission to the BGSU College Student Personnel program is a four-step process: 

  1. The candidate submits a completed application file that includes the 6 items detailed below.
  2. Applications are reviewed by the admissions committee. Based on that review, the committee members decide who will be extended an invitation to Interview Days.
  3. Candidates must interview for, be offered, and accept an approved internship.
  4. Once a candidate accepts an offer for an approved internship, formal admission to the CSP program is then granted.

Applicants for graduate study in CSP must have earned a bachelor's degree and show potential for successful completion of a graduate degree. Admission to the program is determined based on the following materials:  

  1. Graduate Admissions Application
  2. Copy of the transcript from all colleges and universities attended (graduate and undergraduate). Unofficial transcripts are accepted if the name of applicant, institution, each individual course and grade, as well as calculated GPA is included.  
  3. Résumé that details your experience, including undergraduate student involvement*
  4. Career statement - 3 pages double spaced (include your name on this document) that addresses the following points*:  
    1. What are your career goals pertaining to student affairs?  
    2. What qualities, characteristics, and skills do you possess that make you a strong candidate for the higher education and student affairs program and profession? 
    3. Describe one issue or challenge facing higher education and student affairs that you hope to address as a professional.
  5. Three letters of recommendation. References can fill the reference form out electronically by downloading the editable PDF (must use Adobe Reader, see for a free download). At least one reference must be from a faculty member and you are also encouraged to include a reference from a student affairs professional.*
  6. For the application cycle for Fall 2023, the GRE has been waived as a requirement.

Your application is not complete without 3 references, so follow up with your references to be certain these are submitted by the deadline.

At least one reference must be from a faculty member and you are also encouraged to include a reference from a student affairs professional.

What Happens When Your File is Complete? 

After your Graduate Admissions Application Form and official transcripts have been received by the Graduate Admissions Office, they are forwarded to the College Student Personnel Admission Committee for evaluation. We will notify you that your file is complete when we have received your Graduate Admissions Application, Career Statement, resume, transcripts, and the three REQUIRED reference forms and letters. 

Invitations to Interview

From the pool of completed applications, the admissions committee will invite about 50 candidates for one of two rounds of Interview Days. Priority consideration for admission is given to candidates who attend Interview Days. If any internships are available after April 15, candidates who remain in the pool may be contacted after April 15 to interview for an internship.

Interview Days

During Interview Days, candidates learn about the academic and internship requirements of the CSP Program, meet with faculty and current students, and interview for internships. Internship supervisors for both BGSU and partnership institutions come to the BGSU campus, giving candidates the opportunity to interview for several internships in a variety of functional areas and settings. On Tuesday of Interview Days, candidates will have the opportunity to visit internship sites.

After the Interview

Based on candidate and supervisor preferences, the program chair determines candidate-internship matches.  Offers begin in early March, after the conclusion of both rounds of Interview Days.  Understanding that many graduate candidates apply and interview for multiple programs, the Council of Graduate Schools developed a “Resolution Regarding Graduate Scholars, Fellows, Trainees, and Assistants.” This resolution, which many graduate institutions (including BGSU) have agreed to uphold, states that students have no obligation to respond to offers prior to April 15th. For the complete details of the resolution and a complete list of institutions that have agreed to uphold the resolution, review the Council of Graduate Schools Resolution. However, we encourage a response to offers as soon as possible, but not later than April 15.

Background Checks

As a policy of the Graduate College, graduate interns on the BGSU campus are required to authorize and pass a background investigation prior to the start of employment. (Background check policies at partnership universities vary and should be discussed with those supervisors.)  Offers of employment are conditional until a background investigation has been successfully completed and all other pre-employment requirements are satisfied. The University reserves the right to determine and confirm suitability for employment and to end any employment already begun if the background check reveals disqualifying information. The policy and procedures are described here:

Please note that a past criminal conviction identified during a background check does not automatically cancel the contract offer. Candidates will be given the opportunity to provide additional information, to explain the nature and circumstances of the conviction, and any evidence of rehabilitation. In determining suitability for employment, consideration will be given to factors that include: the specific duties of the internship position; the number of offenses and circumstances of each; date of conviction; and whether the conviction rose out of employment. If you have any concerns or would like to have a confidential discussion regarding your situation please contact the Graduate College Office at BGSU (419) 372-2791 and request to speak to the dean or associate dean of the Graduate College.

Stipends and Scholarships

Internships provide an academic year salary (stipend) plus a tuition assistance covering 42 credits needed for the degree, provided the student remains in good academic standing and makes adequate progress toward the degree. This is subject to change based on funding availability due to COVID-19. Additional scholarships may be available to those with demonstrated financial need and/or outstanding qualifications. Students will be given their financial aid package after assistantship matching has been completed.

During the first year, the 22-credit-hour scholarship includes the non-resident fee for out-of-state residents.  The scholarship for the second year does not cover the non-resident fee.  Domestic students may be eligible to become an Ohio resident for the second year or may pay the non-resident fee. International students may receive a scholarship for the non-resident fee for two years.

The general fee and other administrative fees are not covered by the scholarship.  Rates are set by the Board of Trustees and published at

For 2022-2023, stipends on the BGSU campus are $11,000.  Residence life positions begin in July and have a $12,250 stipend plus an apartment, meal plan, and a tuition scholarship covering 42/42 credits required for the degree. Internship stipends at partnership universities range from $8,750-$18,970.  Benefits are listed in each position description during the interview process.

Additional Scholarships

Prospective students who are alumni of the NASPA NUFP program will be considered for the BGSU-NUFP Fellowship automatically upon admission to the CSP program. Additional scholarships include the Dr. Carolyn Palmer Diversity Enhancement Scholarship, Dr. Carney Strange Scholarship, Dr. Bettina Shuford College Student Personnel Professional Development Award, Palmer Adult Learner Scholarship, Frank and Jane Arnold Scholarship, James L. Galloway Memorial Award, Scholarship in Honor of Dr. Michael Coomes, and Community Spirit Award.  Support for professional development activities is also available.

Financial Aid

For information about financial aid beyond the internship and resources listed above, please visit the Student Financial Aid web site.


Other questions not addressed in these materials may be directed to the HESA department,

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