Centers, Institutes, & Labs

Center of Assessment and Evaluation Services

The Center of Assessment and Evaluation Services (CAES) is a university based evaluation and assessment center. CES uses an analytic approach to provide evaluation and assessment for various education and human service projects.

Center for International Comparative Education

The Center for International Comparative Education (ICE) promotes an international scholarship of engagement through cross-cultural/international interdisciplinary research, instructional enhancement, and outreach for purposes of improving education and the social condition at home and abroad. Faculty, students, communities, and international partners examine education-related issues in local and global contexts from cross-cultural perspectives.

Center of Excellence for 21st Century Educator Preparation

The Center of Excellence for 21st Century Educator Preparation focuses on exploring and deploying strategies and resources for effective and innovative K-12 classrooms. The center provides professional development opportunities for BGSU faculty and students, as well as support structures for K-12 administrators and teachers. Partnerships amongst these various stakeholder groups are being continuously nurtured, targeting key initiatives, such as mobile technologies, digital textbooks, online teaching and learning, and the Flipped Classroom.

International Democratic Education Institute

The goal of the International Democratic Education Institute (IDEI) is to bring together BGSU Faculty, community leaders and other educators from the US and abroad to promote democracy through education in such a way that students are provided the skills and knowledge necessary for them to perform their role as informed, responsible, committed and effective members of their respective democratic political systems.

Technology & Resource Center

The Technology & Resource Center (TRC) is a suite of computer labs located on the second floor of the Education Building at Bowling Green State University. The TRC also circulates various types of hardware and education related software.

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