NFL Bootcamp


The Richard A. Maxwell Sport Media Project is a hub for teaching, research and service related to sport media in northwest Ohio. The Project benefits students and faculty at Bowling Green State University, and offers outreach and media consulting to groups that work with student-athletes throughout the state of Ohio.

Through collaborative efforts of the sport management program in the School of Human Movement, Sport and Leisure Studies and the School of Media and Communication, Bowling Green State University students have the opportunity to learn such skills as sports writing, reporting, broadcasting, announcing, public relations, media relations, communication management and production. BGSU faculty and other scholars discuss commercial and sociological aspects of sport.

The Richard A. Maxwell Sport Media Project hosts the NFL Boot Camp in conjunction with the National Football League Player Engagement program. During the camp, BGSU and the Maxwell Project hosts 23 current and former NFL players. This multi-day program offers players an opportunity to prepare for a career in sport media. The program was designed to help improve players’ written and oral commentary skills.

Past NFL Bootcamp Participants:

  • Brendon Ayanbadejo / Free agent
  • Charlie Batch / Free agent
  • Ralph Brown / Former (New York Giants, Minnesota Vikings, Cleveland Browns, Arizona Cardinals)
  • Troy Brown / Former (New England Patriots)
  • LaMar Campbell / Former (Detroit Tigers)
  • Bryon Chamberlain / Former (Denver Broncos, Minnesota Vikings, Washington Redskins)
  • Eric Crouch / Former (St. Louis Rams)
  • Derrick Dockery / Free Agent
  • Leger Douzable / Free Agent
  • Jamie Duncan / Former (Tampa Bay Buccaneers, St. Louis Rams, Atlanta Falcons)
  • Andre Fluellen / Detroit Tigers
  • Jay Foreman / Former (Buffalo Bills, Houston Texans, New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers)
  • Nick Ferguson / Former (New York Jets, Denver Broncos, Houston Texans)
  • Kendall Gammon / Former (Pittsburg Steelers, New Orleans Saints, Kansas City Chiefs)
  • Ken Hamlin / Former (Seattle Seahawks, Dallas Cowboys, Baltimore Ravens, Indianapolis Colts)
  • Erin Henderson / Minnesota Vikings
  • Tyoka Jackson / Former (Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, St. Louis Rams, Detroit Lions)
  • Austen Lane / Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Ovie Mughelli / Former (Baltimore Ravens, Atlanta Falcons)
  • Brady Poppinga / Free Agent
  • Denard Walker / Former (Tennessee Titans, Denver Broncos, Minnesota Vikings, Oakland Raiders)
  • Ellis Wyms / Former (Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Seattle Seahawks, Minnesota Vikings)
  • Michael Young / Former (Arizona Cardinals)


Sport Media Watch provides students an opportunity to critically examine sport broadcasting and media. Through this avenue, students have the opportunity to comment on a variety of sports and issues within the industry. Students improve their writing and critical thinking skills while examining the issues of the day. Finally, students are asked to identify potential biases and spotty coverages of select stories.


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