DPT Student Affairs

The BGSU DPT Director of Student Affairs is responsible for supporting students in the DPT program through orientation, the academic coaching program and serving as the liaison between the students in the DPT program and student support services at BGSU. The Director of Student Affairs ensures that students receive the necessary academic, personal and professional support to succeed in the program. 

To facilitate student success, the BGSU DPT program supports many dimensions of wellness. Areas of support include: 


  • The BGSU DPT Program is committed to the academic success of our students. All students are matched with a team of approximately 10 students and a faculty member who will serve the students as their academic coach. Academic coaching is integral to academic success by supporting students in achieving their goals, maintaining clear and effective communication and creating a collaborative and professional culture. At BGSU we use a strength-based approach to academic coaching to support our students in attaining their full potential. 
  • Early alerts are utilized by faculty to assist students in gauging their academic performance, identifying areas for growth, and to facilitate communication between the student, their academic coach and the Director of Student Affairs as needed.  
  • Students in the DPT Program who are in need of academic accommodations are encouraged to contact the Accessibility Services office as soon as possible after admission to the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. Visit the Applying for Services website to initiate the request for academic accommodations. 
  • Given the hybrid nature of the program, technology support is crucial for the academic success of our students.  ITS provides technology support for all BGSU students to ensure they have a great technology experience beginning with the first time they log in as a new member of the BGSU community. Learn more about support for remote students
  • The University Libraries offer access to library materials, either in-person at the library or online with electronic books, online databases, and streaming media (where available). Student can also access research and other library-related assistance in-person, via text messaging, Ask a Librarian chat, email, and phone reference services provided by reference and instruction librarians. 
  • Learning Commons provides students with academic resources that foster independent learning. The highly trained professional, graduate, and undergraduate staff utilizes technology and additional resources to offer individual and group tutoring and consultations tailored to meet the needs of any student at any time in the learning process. Students can contact Learning Commons directly or speak with the Director of Student Affairs or their academic coach regarding the available services. 
  • Peer tutoring is also available to assist students in mastering course content. Students can arrange for a peer tutor through their faculty coach or the Director of Student Affairs.  



  • The BGSU Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships works closely with students to process federal, local and institutional aid. Students are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships for assistance with any financial concerns or for assistance in completion of forms. Students can contact the office via phone or through a secure communication portal designed to enable students to ask questions concerning financial aid and scholarships.   

Health and Wellness 

  • Should BGSU DPT students have any primary or preventative care needs, the Falcon Health Center is conveniently located next to the BGSU campus.  
  • Through the Counseling Center BGSU DPT students receive wellness workshops in multiple areas such as self-care, stress management, motivation, growth mindset, grit and resiliency and self-compassion. Students come to the Counseling Center for a variety of reasons including: study/test taking concerns; stress/anxiety reduction; relationship concerns; depression; family concerns; eating disorders; sexual concerns; grief and loss and other related concerns. BGSU counselors are licensed to practice within the state of Ohio. For students residing outside of Ohio, the BGSU DPT program has contracted with ComPsych for counseling services so students can seek care 24 hours per day, seven days per week and close to home. 
  • Bowling Green State University offers health services to students through Falcon Health in collaboration with Wood County Hospital. The student will need to utilize their own insurance to receive care at Falcon Health or whatever facility they choose. The injured individual will be directed to the closest or most appropriate medical care facility depending on the nature and severity of injury.
  • In the event of an accident resulting in student injury or illness, the student should immediately notify their academic or clinical faculty as soon as possible. All injuries which are work or educational related regardless of where they occur (on or off campus) and any injury on BGSU property must be reported through the Injury/Illness Form. The injured or ill party is encouraged to complete the online form but if that is not possible, anyone from BGSU with a sign-on username and password who has intimate knowledge of the incident can submit a report on behalf of that person. Contact BGSU Environmental Health and Safety with any additional concerns at envhs@bgsu.edu or 419-372-2171.
  • As a condition of enrollment in the program, students are required to show proof of health insurance and completion and submission of immunizations and laboratory testing. Further, students are expected to abide by the university’s policies regarding risk exposure management. Students are responsible for costs associated with any necessary emergency services.

Updated: 06/29/2023 09:54AM