College of Health and Human Services

Student Ambassadors

The Student Ambassadors program is a leadership opportunity for students who are dedicated to mentoring fellow students and representing Bowling Green State University and the College of Health and Human Services.

Student Ambassadors

Breanna Fulk

Major: Medical Laboratory Sciences

Expected Graduation Date: 2026

Email: fulkb@bgsu.edu

Hometown: Antwerp, Ohio

I wanted to talk to others that were in the Health and Human Services sector and see what other majors were out there. I also joined because I would love to see more students joining. BGSU is a great campus, and there is help at every corner if you know where to look for it. I would just like to help prospecting students and returning students figure out their college journey.

My hobbies are reading, going to the gym, shopping, and hanging out with friends and family. Also, a hobby of mine is watching anything science or history related. My major is medical laboratory science, and I chose this major because I wanted to work in the lab and work with specimens.

Morgan Guggenbiller

Major: Applied Health Science (Pre-Med)

Expected Graduation Date: May 2025

Email: mguggen@bgsu.edu

Hometown: Maria Stein, Ohio

I joined the ambassador program in hopes of helping current and prospective students navigate through the process of applying and which classes to take, but also being able to share my insights on the ways that being a HHS student here at BGSU has benefitted me.

The Applied Health Science degree attracted me due to the required supportive classes that are outside of just the sciences. These include aging, administrative, disease-related, and wellness courses. I feel that these classes will better suit me for working in the medical field by giving me in insight into the healthcare system and how it works. After obtaining my undergraduate degree, I plan to attend an Osteopathic Medical School to become a primary care physician. Outside of school, I enjoy walking, golfing, cooking and being with friends and family.

Isabelle Kennedy

Major: Dietetics

Expected Graduation Date: May 2025

Email: isakenn@bgsu.edu

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

The HHS College is full of wonderful staff that have helped me through my undergraduate career. They provided me with useful information and practical experience to help me find my passion within healthcare. As soon as I heard of the HHS ambassador program I immediately joined because being able to help others within this college find their passion is what I strive for. It is a wonderful program and I have been able to help so many prospective and current students thus far!

I love to read, crochet, and discover new music! These hobbies bring me a lot of joy as well as working in dietetics. I have always known that healthcare would be in my future, but there are so many avenues that became very overwhelming as I got to college. With all of the amazing experiences I have had within HHS, I was able to find my love for dietetics. There are so many career paths within dietetics and I cannot wait to see where this program takes me!

Kendra Kern

Major: Applied Health Science

Expected Graduation Date: April 2024

Email: kmkern@bgsu.edu

Hometown: Troy, Ohio

I joined the ambassador program because I wanted to share all the opportunities that BGSU provided to help students be successful in their academics and careers.

I chose my major because it allowed me to have flexibility when choosing classes and gave me an opportunity to learn about many different healthcare fields. My goal is to attend graduate school so that I can become a physical therapist. Outside of school, I enjoy hiking and swimming.

Reagan Masterson

Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders

Expected Graduation Date: 2027

Email: masterr@bgsu.edu

Hometown: North Ridgeville, Ohio

I joined the student ambassador program to help students understand more about Bowling Green and what it has to offer and to inform others about the College of Health & Human Services.

My goal is to become a Speech Pathologist.  I've always wanted to help people since I was young and it wasn't until high school until I really set my mind of speech pathology.

Abigail Meighen

Major: Medical Laboratory Science

Expected Graduation Date: 2026

Email: axmeigh@bgsu.edu

Hometown: Canal Fulton, Ohio

I'm passionate about health and human services and would love to represent the College and guide people in choosing their career path.

Piper Nelson

Major: Social Work and Criminal Justice

Expected Graduation Date: August 2024

Email: pipergn@bgsu.edu

Hometown: Brunswick, Ohio

I joined the ambassador program because I love the College of Health and Human Services and I wanted to share that love with perspective students! There is so much this College has to offer such as student organizations, research opportunities, and field work, and it makes me so happy to get to share that information with everyone.

I decided to double major in Social Work and Criminal Justice because I am very interested in the way the law and policy intersects with human rights and needs. I hope to work in macro-level social work with policy, potentially within the criminal justice system. On top of my two majors, I am very active in the theatre department here at BGSU as the president of the Musical Theatre Student Organization. I also work at both Starbucks in the Student Union and the Police Integrity Research Lab. Outside of BGSU, I love reading, crocheting, and hanging out with the people I love most!

Lucie Nichols

Major: Dietetics

Expected Graduation Date: 2027

Email: lucnich@bgsu.edu

Hometown: Metamora, Ohio

I wanted to be more involved here on campus, and I thought it would be a great way to network and better understand the College of Health and Human Services.

I chose dietetics because I have always been interested in nutrition and movement of the body; however, I also previously struggled with food and eating. Because of these factors, I thought dietetics would perfectly fit my values and aspirations. In the future, I primarily hope to work with eating disorder patients, but am also interested in sports nutrition.  Outside of school I love to work out, be outdoors, play with my two dogs, and read!

Isabella O Daniel

Major: Applied Health Science

Expected Graduation Date: April 2025

Email: isabelo@bgsu.edu

Hometown: Arcanum, Ohio

I joined the ambassador program because I wanted to become more involved within the College of Health and Human Services, build connections with faculty and students on a deeper level, and to have the opportunity to make an impact on the college itself.

I chose this major as a pre professional track for occupational therapy in hopes of one day combining my love for horses and helping people into one career as a hippotherapist. I have shown horses for ten years now and I am continuing to show at the collegiate level as a member of the Bowling Green Equestrian team. Outside of going to school and showing horses, I love to go to the gym, visit new coffee shops, read, and watch a good movie or TV series!

Paige Rothlisberger

Major: Healthcare Administration

Expected Graduation Date: May 2024

Email: prothli@bgsu.edu

Hometown: Arlington, Ohio

Leadership and involvement have always been a core value of mine and being an ambassador really encompasses all of that. While being an ambassador, I am directly involved in the College of Health and Human Services, and there is always potential for leadership opportunities.

I chose healthcare administration because I always knew I wanted to be a part of the healthcare field. I was never the best at sciences and biology, but I still had an interest in both subjects as well as my overall well-being. Leadership has always been a strong suit of mine, and I believe healthcare administration will help me use my love for sciences, well-being, and teamwork to benefit the lives of patients. The prospect of making a positive impact on those in need motivates every step of this journey, turning it into a heartfelt commitment rather than just a career choice.

Kassidy Stanford

Major: Applied Health Science (Pre-PA)

Expected Graduation Date: April 2025

Email: stanfok@bgsu.edu

Hometown: Bucyrus, Ohio

I enjoy talking to future students and their families and helping them to find their place at BGSU and within the college of Health and Human Services. I know that choosing a school can be overwhelming, and I think that our work as ambassadors can relieve some of this stress and help students find where they belong and make a decision that they are confident in. Working with the college’s faculty, staff, and students is very rewarding and I am proud to represent our College through the ambassador program.

Kassidy is a 2021 graduate of Wynford High School, where she participated in a variety of extracurriculars and clubs, and her county’s junior fair and 4H organizations. Since coming to BGSU, she has been involved in the Falcon Leadership Institute,  AMWA, Pre-PA club, peer mentoring,  Circle K International, and the Thompson Scholarship Program. Along with a major in applied health science, she is pursuing a minor in health promotion.

Talaya Warren

Major: Medical Laboratory Science

Expected Graduation Date: April 2026

Email: wtalaya@bgsu.edu

Hometown: Toledo, Ohio

I joined the ambassador program to get more involved with HHS, establish new connections, and network with individuals in my major or similar fields.

I will be applying for my MLS program soon and eagerly looking forward to all the opportunities that come my way. Additionally, I am always happy to assist others in any way I can.

Lukas Wise

Major: Applied Health Science

Expected Graduation Date: April 2024

Email: wclukas@bgsu.edu

Hometown: Powell, Ohio

I chose to join the ambassador program to share my passion for health sciences and the path I am on with others. I also wanted to help students who aren’t entirely sure what course they want to follow, because that’s hard to know at the end of high school.

I chose my major because I loved the interdisciplinary coursework which allowed me to learn a well-rounded skill set and to help others. I hope to continue my education in a doctoral program in bioinformatics or joining the work force. As for hobbies I love hiking & biking!

Sarah Witt

Major: Medical Laboratory Sciences

Expected Graduation Date: May 2026

Email: smwitt@bgsu.edu

Hometown: Olmstead Falls, Ohio

I joined the ambassador program because I wanted to work with the faculty and staff in the College of HHS and meet more people in my college of majors. I wanted to start feeling connected to my major and my school as soon as possible, and ambassadors has not only helped make me feel like I belong at BGSU, but has also helped me share this connection with prospective students in the hopes that they can call BGSU their home too.

I am a Medical Lab Sciences major with a Spanish minor. I have loved science all my life, and I knew that it was something I wanted to go into for a career, but I did not know exactly how that would look. I discovered MLS as a senior in high school, and I have been hooked ever since! I wanted to work in a lab that focused on the biological sciences while also making a positive impact on people's lives, and this major allows me to do so. I have also studied Spanish for about six years now, and I knew I wanted to continue this passion into college. At BGSU, I am a member of the BGSU Falconettes Dance Team, Honors College Ambassadors, and I am a Presidential Scholar.



Dermot Forde

  • Position: Administrator - Progression, Planning and Retention
  • Phone: 419-372-0496
  • Email: dforde@bgsu.edu
  • Address: 104 Health and Human Services Building

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