Appeals and Complaints

General Appeal Form - use this form for appeals of BGSU policies, such as a late withdrawals from a class, change in grading option, etc.. 

Academic Suspension/Dismissal Appeal - submit this form if you have been suspended or dismissed. (Tips)

NOTE: These forms are for academic appeals to the College of Health and Human Services.  They are not intended for Financial Aid appeals.  If you are suspended/dismissed, you must appeal to the College of Health and Human Services in addition to any other appeal you may be required to complete. Submitting an appeal does not guarantee reinstatement.  End of semester appeal deadlines will be enforced.

These appeal forms are for use within the College of Health and Human Services only, and appeals by students outside of CHHS will not be reviewed.

If you are in another college, then you must follow that college's appeal process. Please see your college's web page:

College of Arts & Sciences

Schmidthorst College of Business

College of Education and Human Development

College of Musical Arts

College of Technology

For information on Financial Aid appeals, call 419-372-2651, or go to

BGSU Office of Student Financial Aid

General Complaints
For complaints related to the College of Health and Human Services programs, services, and curricula, contact:

Tom Gorman, Assistant Dean
105 Health and Human Services Building
Phone: 419-372-7768

For general complaints involving established BGSU policy, the procedures articulated in the catalog will be followed.  Please refer to the Academic Policies in the BGSU Undergraduate Catalog or Graduate Catalog for information about specific procedures for grade appeals.

Anonymous Complaint Reporting
Any member of the community has the right to raise concerns or make a complaint without fear of retaliation.  Anonymous complaints may be made by reporting online at Report an Incident.

Title IX
Complaints or notice of alleged policy violations, or inquiries about or concerns regarding Title IX (sexual harassment) and procedures, may be made internally to:

Lakeshia Dowlen, Title IX Coordinator, Office of Title IX
207 Hayes Hall
Bowling Green, Ohio 43403
Phone: 419-372-8476

Contant information for the Deputy Title IX Coordinators can be found on the Title IX website listed above.


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