Program-Specific Health Requirements

Health Insurance

All students in the BGSU DPT Program are required to have health insurance. Students interested in the university-sponsored medical insurance program can visit the Student Insurance Office in Room 202 of the Falcon Health Center Building or email All students will be required to submit proof of insurance prior to entering the program.

The following requirements must be submitted prior to entrance into the program:

  • Copy of health insurance card – if the student is a dependent, documentation from health insurance company must be provided.


Students will be required to submit proof of a health examination and updating immunizations to meet both program and clinical site requirements. 

The following requirements must be submitted prior to starting program orientation:

  • Proof of COVID-19 vaccine (1-dose or 2-dose series as recommended by CDC guidelines). See BGSU's University Vaccine Information as it applies in context to BGSU DPT Students in clinical education experiences as students in external placements
    • BGSU students in external placements (co-ops/internships, clinicals, field, student teaching, etc.) must abide all policies and precautions related to COVID-19 in place at the placement site. (Including vaccination/booster vaccination requirements, testing, isolation and quarantine period requirements, and other infection control protocols)

    • Any exemption to COVID-19 precautions including vaccination requirements granted through the University's process will not automatically apply to non-BGSU settings.

    • External placements may have more restrictive exemption policies that BGSU cannot influence or waive.

    • Some programs require co-ops/internships and/or student teaching to complete the major and/or to meet licensure or certification requirements so these experiences cannot be waived. 

    • While BGSU will make reasonable attempts to find placements that meet a student’s vaccination status and other preferences, placements that do not require that students be vaccinated cannot be guaranteed and, for some fields, may be impossible to obtain.

    • BGSU is not responsible for delays in degree progression or graduation due to student requested exemptions from COVID-19 policies.

  • Proof of at least one Hepatitis B vaccination of the 3-does series or a positive titer. Full series with proof of positive titer to be completed prior to first clinical experience.

The following requirements must be submitted within the first academic semester of the DPT Program:

  • Proof of Influenza vaccine (required annually)
  • Proof of Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) vaccine - two documented vaccinations or positive titer test
  • Proof of Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis (Tdap) – proof of a Tdap vaccination within the last 10 years 
  • Proof of Tuberculosis (TB) test – annual 2-step PPD required or negative Quantiferon Gold test accepted. Positive tests require submission of a negative chest x-ray.
  • Proof of Varicella (VAR) vaccine – two documented vaccinations or positive titer test
  • Completed physical examination form
  • Basic Life Support (BLS) certification by the American Heart Association – must be current
  • OSHA certification – annual course
  • Bloodborne Pathogen certification – annual course
  • HIPAA certification – annual course

BGSU DPT does not provide waivers for immunization requirements listed above.

Background Checks and Drug Testing

Students enrolled in the BGSU DPT Program are required to undergo background checks prior to entrance into the DPT Program. An additional background check and/or a drug test and/or fingerprinting clearance may be required prior to beginning clinical experiences in year two of the program. Applicants should be aware that a prior criminal background could restrict the ability to obtain professional state licensure. Acceptance into the DPT program does not imply or guarantee that a student will be able to obtain such licensure.

The following requirements must be submitted prior to entrance into the program:

  • Completed background check
  • Copy of valid driver’s license

Updated: 09/20/2022 02:06PM