Estimated Program Costs

Tuition for the two-year BGSU Doctor of Physical Therapy program is $95,000. This price includes annual tuition cost of $47,500, books, a physical therapist toolkit/supplies and a treatment table for at-home skills practice. There are no additional university or lab fees, and books/learning resources are provided through the BGSU University Libraries databases and Evidence in Motion’s Learning Academy library and linked through the Canvas Instructure learning management system.

The above costs do not include any travel or lodging requirements for lab immersion sessions or clinical education experiences. Students are required to make their own travel and lodging arrangements for these instructional periods. Any needed travel expenses and clinical education lodging will vary by student; during lab immersion sessions, most students will find local Bowling Green lodging options with classmates that are approximately $45/night per student.

Expense Year 1 Year 2 Program Total
Tuition $47,500 $47,500 $95,000
Books and Lab Supplies Included Included Included
Lodging 6 lab immersions *Varies by student 2 lab immersions 3 clinical education experiences *Varies by student
Travel 6 lab immersions *Varies by student 2 lab immersions 3 clinical education experiences *Varies by student
Technology Laptop and mobile device required Laptop and mobile device required *Varies by student

*Living and lodging costs will vary based on student geographic location
*Short-term shared lodging options in Bowling Green are estimated at approximately $45/night/student for lab immersions.
*Clinical Education travel and lodging expenses will vary by student.
*Some clinical education sites may offer stipend or lodging.
*Students are expected to travel for at least one clinical education experience.
*Students are responsible for costs associated with any necessary emergency services for off campus-educational experiences. 

Updated: 12/01/2021 08:24AM