Academic Advising

Welcome to the CHHS Advising Center



For students aspiring to enter the health and human services professions, CHHS advisors strive to challenge and support students to become independent and engaged in their education by fostering a culture of proactive behavior, intentional decision-making, and professional and personal responsibility.




  • We acknowledge that each CHHS student is an individual with unique background, needs, and future. We affirm the value of each individual and seek to tailor our practices to meet the needs of each individual student.


  • We believe each student must take responsibility for their education and we encourage each student to develop autonomy in the academic realm and beyond.


  • We value the importance of interpersonal connections and see, through 1-on-1 interactions, to enable each student to feel a sense of belonging and that they matter in our office and at BGSU.


  • We encourage students to move past the "now" and consider how their education and decisions will influence their futures.


  • We aim to connect the educational process for our students through referral-making and collaboration with offices and faculty members across campus. Through this interdependence, we aim to model the importance of relationships and collaboration while simultaneously creating an integrated, holistic experience for our students.


  • We value the diversity of backgrounds, identities, and experiences of our students and seek to affirm that each student has a place within our college and at BGSU.