Optimal Aging Institute

Optimal aging goes beyond good health and longevity. It deals with the capacity to function across many dimensions of wellness—physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, cultural, and occupational. That ability to function is rooted in one’s own resiliency—being able to adjust and adapt, no matter what challenges and stressors one encounters.

BGSU’s Optimal Aging Institute was created in 2016 to help middle-aged and older adults, and those who work with them, explore the seven dimensions of health, wellness and resiliency. It is funded in part with generous support from Medical Mutual of Ohio and housed within the College of Health and Human Services.

Dr. Nancy Orel (Emeritus Professor) is the Executive Director of Research for the Optimal Aging Institute (OAI). In this role, Dr. Orel facilitates a strong research agenda in collaboration with experts on issues related to aging and the aged. She is also developing collaborations with agencies, researchers, funding agencies, regulatory agencies, universities, foundations, and other entities to ensure a strong collaborative and sustainable Institute. To contact Dr. Orel, email her at norel@bgsu.edu.

The Opioid Crisis Workshop: The Unseen Impact on Older Adults

July 18, 2018 Noon-5PM
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Care Compass Project

September 26, 2018 11:00-1:00PM
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Older Adult Fitness Classes

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Optimal Aging Small Grants Program Now Available for BGSU Faculty, Administrative Staff