Interprofessional Education

Fall 2023 - October 3rd from 6:00-8:00pm in the BTSU Ballroom.

A second human trafficking iinterprofessional education (IPE) event will take place this fall that will build on the Spring 2023 IPE event. In this evening grand rounds event, Dr. Lara Wilken and her colleagues will do two in-person simulations on sex and labor trafficking followed by a debriefing at the interdisciplinary round tables.  The panel will consist of two survivors (one sex and the other labor trafficking), a criminal justice professor, a forensic nurse, a parent survivor of sex trafficking, and the lead of the Ohio Attorney General's HTI commission, with discussions, then evaluation. This event will be targeted more at collaborated responses by healthcare providers to human trafficking.

Expert Panel Biographies

Spring 2022: Interdisciplinary Healthcare Collaboration in the Correctional Setting

Fall 2022: Working Together as Health and Human Service Professionals:  A Standardized Patient Simulation of a Migrant Worker (Acute Care Case Scenario)

Learning Outcomes

  1. Define the roles and expertise of professionals represented on the panel team.
  2. When discharging an acute care patient, identify the biopsychosocial needs of a migrant worker with discharge planning.
  3. Obtain subjective information necessary to formulate an assessment plan.
Spring 2023: Human Trafficking: Understanding the Impact Through an Interprofessional Lens (Partnered event with the annual Public and Allied Health Symposium )

Learning Outcomes

  1. Define human trafficking
  2. Identify vulnerable populations susceptible to trafficking
  3. Distinguish barriers to identification
  4. Discuss human trafficking as a public healthcare crisis
  5. Summarize with a systematic shift and resources available to assist those in need

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