Department of Human Services

Department of Human Services


The Department of Human Services was formed in 1999 by merging the degree programs in Criminal Justice, Gerontology and Social Work. The combined department brings together faculty and students who have a mutual desire to study and investigate social issues facing our ever complex communities, and to provide training to students who will be prepared to assist individuals and groups in need. The faculty work together to provide a strong program of study to all those interested in pursuing study in the human services arena.

The Department of Human Services offers three undergraduate degrees and two graduate degrees. These are listed below.

Our Programs

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Program provides students with excellent academic training and experience through our classes and internship program. The program is designed to prepare students to take and active role in criminal justice and to also prepare students for continued training.

Forensic Investigation Specialization for Undergraduate and Graduate Study

This course of study is appropriate for students interested in pursuing investigative careers in the public, private, intelligence, and military sectors. Students will acquire specific skill sets that prepare them for crime scene investigation.  

Social Work

The mission of the Social Work Program at Bowling Green State University is to prepare students for professional social work practice with diverse and at-risk populations, emphasizing client system strengths, social justice, respect and appreciation of human diversity, and the worth and dignity of all people through teaching, research, and public service.


Students who graduate from the undergraduate program in Gerontology will have a strong interdisciplinary background in aging studies. In addition, to a liberal arts base, students complete course work in a cognate area. Cognates provide specialization in biology, health, human resource management, nutrition, psychology, recreation, and service planning.

Further information about these degree programs can be found on their respective web pages.

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