Graduate Certificate

The CCIE Graduate Certificate extracts the core educational component of the MACIE curriculum for graduate students who wish to specialize their studies by focusing on four foundational courses. This Core Educational Component consists of:

Comparative Education
Comparative study and critique of the role of education in national and global development. Emphasis on the interrelationship between cultural, economic, and political factors and the roles of education in selected developed and developing nations.

Social and Cultural Foundations of Education
An interdisciplinary introduction to the concept of culture and its relation to education; cross-cultural and international education; globalization; text and language; immigration and displacement; human possibility, subjectivity and identity.

Cross-Cultural Human Development and Learning
The study of theories of human development and perspectives on learning from cross-cultural (including western and non-western) and multi-disciplinary approaches (psychological, anthropological, sociological). Special emphasis placed on the contextual nature of human development and learning and its relation to socio-cultural and socio-historical contexts.  

Seminar in International Education Policy
Critical examination of the historical, cultural, economic, social and political concepts and frameworks that will help students to synthesize the forces shaping education policy from an international and global perspective. 
Topics in Cross-Cultural and International Education
Topics vary depending on the academic year. Contact the program coordinator for more information. 
An example of a recent topics course is “Peace Education.” 

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