General Information

 Interior Design is the aesthetic interpretation and organization of space, human activity and experience. The interior design degree program prepares students to engage in the creative design of dynamic environments that enhance the quality of life, respond to and support human behavior and work processes, and boost productivity and efficiency in a variety of settings. The profession is a nexus of art, technology and science, which provides depth of knowledge of the interior design professional curriculum with the breadth of a University education.

As the demand for sustainable and high-quality housing and commercial facilities rises, graduates are prepared with the professional skills and knowledge base required for entry level positions as interior designers in a variety of environments, such as retail design, healthcare and hospitality design, entertainment and corporate design, institutional and residential design. Demonstrated teamwork on studio project designs, site visits to the Chicago Merchandise Mart, work co-ops in a variety of design environments and international educational opportunities, such as the Interior Design European Study Abroad Program, prepare competitive graduates to conduct the practice of design within a world market and to view design decisions within the parameters of ecological, socio-economic and cultural contexts. BGSU Interior Design students have opportunities to:

  • Study abroad
  • Gain valuable experience in work co-ops
  • Join BGSU’s student chapter of American Society of Interior Design (ASID) and International Interior Design Association (IIDA) Toledo chapter
  • Become a LEED Green Associate

The BGSU professional interior design program is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

Updated: 12/11/2023 11:23AM