Student Support Team

The Student Support Team (SST) is an interdisciplinary college committee designed to support students experiencing challenges during the course of their academic program. The SST uses a team-based approach to problem solving, building supports, and providing interventions, ideally, early in the student’s career to remediate any issues that may adversely affect successful program completion. The SST is also an opportunity for students, faculty, and related field personnel to share concerns while positively planning for successful outcomes.

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During the SST meeting, team members will review the student’s overall progress, as well as strategies that have been utilized to address issues or concerns.  The meeting serves as a problem-solving session in which the team, including the student, can discuss the concerns, attempt to identify potential causes, develop potential ways to address the concerns, and then analyze possible action steps/interventions. It is through this information exchange process that effective strategies and interventions can be suggested, tested, and monitored. The selected action steps/interventions, as well as implementation timelines, are documented by the Program Coordinator in a Student Support Plan, which is signed by the student, committee members, and relevant school personnel, such as a Cooperating Mentor Teacher.

A follow-up meeting will be scheduled to review the success of the action steps or interventions developed in the Student Support Plan. At this meeting the team may determine…

  • The interventions were successful, and further intervention assistance is not needed
  • The interventions were successful, but further interventions need to be added for new areas of concern.
  • The interventions were somewhat effective. Further or modified interventions are needed to gather more information. A follow-up meeting will be scheduled.
  • The interventions were not effective, or one or more of the Support Plan conditions were violated.

Violations of any one or more of the conditions in the Support Plan occurring during methods or student teaching will constitute a failure.  At that time, the Student Support Team will reconvene to recommend to the college Dean or designee whether the candidate will be permitted to continue in a Teacher Education Program.

Referrals for an SST meeting occur for many different reasons. A student may be experiencing difficulties related to academics, field experience,* dispositional areas, or health concerns, to name a few. The interdisciplinary team process allows for greater exploration of potential causes and solutions to address the area of need.  The goal is to help the student experience greater success in their current educational path or provide recommendations for a more suitable career.

Attendance at SST meetings varies based on student needs.
At minimum, the following will be in a Student Support Team Meeting:
  • Student
  • Dean's Office Representative
  • Program Coordinator
  • 1-2 Student Support Team Committee members (various faculty from College of EDHD)

Others who might be present:

  • Classroom Mentor Teacher
  • University Mentor
  • Internship Supervisor
  • School Director
  • Dean of Students Representative

Dean's Office Representatives
Tracy Huziak-Clark
Maureen Wilson
Mark Seals
Trinka Messenhiemer

2020-2021 Committee Members 
Claire Hoover
Matt Webb
John Fischer
Meggan Hartzog
Judy Jackson May
Rick Worch

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