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About the Division of Graphic Design (BGSUGD)
The Division of Graphic Design in the School of Art at Bowling Green State University (BGSUGD) is a dynamic, progressive and responsive professional BFA in Graphic Design degree-granting program that encourages independent and collaborative thinking, creative problem solving/analytics and design, creative writing, design for the public good, exploration of alternative visual communication methods, and a solid understanding of modern professional practices. The curriculum reflects the dynamic social and professional changes of contemporary design and responds to them in a pro-active manner through a continually evolving curriculum.

What is Graphic Design?
As human beings and consumers, we are surrounded by graphic design. Whether the medium is television, magazines, books, street signs, movies, CD covers, computers games, mobile devices or the internet, we rely on graphic designers to help us access and make sense of the massive amount of information that surrounds us daily. Today's graphic designer is equal parts artist, communicator and marketer--someone who understands differing audiences and who has the varied skills to communicate across multiple media. The designer's broad visual and technical skills are valued by corporations, product manufacturers, advertising and in-house agencies, design firms, and industries in need of individuals who work fluently with multimedia and emerging technologies.


Hardware & Software Recommendations (updated 06/29/12)
BGSUGD F12-S13 Hardware & Software Recommendations (PDF)


BGSUGD Program Standards
Program Standards (PDF)

Independent Study (ARTD 4700)
(for Spring 2013, due to Chair no later than Friday, Nov. 9, 2013)
Guidelines, Procedures & Application (PDF)

Internship (ARTD 4890) (for Summer 2013, due to Internship Coordinator no later than May 5, 2013)
Internship Documentation (pdf)

Sophomore Portfolio Review (Group A: Thurs., April 25, 2013; Group B: Fri., April 26, 2013)
Review Packet (pdf)

Class of 2014 Senior Thesis Proposal
(due to Chair no later than Friday, March 1, 2013)
Senior Thesis Packet (pdf)
Class of 2014 Senior Thesis Progress Review Day 1 (Fri., Oct. 18, 2013, 9am - 5pm)
Class of 2014 Senior Thesis Progress Review Day 2 (Fri., Oct. 25, 2013, 9am - 5pm)

BGSU's design and art resources include the modern $11 million School of Art facility which services a wide range of applied arts and fine arts disciplines. The School also houses the Center for Advanced Visualization and Education (CAVE) lab, complete with 20 state-of-the-art Macintosh workstations, Silicon Graphics workstations and Media 100 Non-Linear Digital Video editing systems, along with a full complement of scanners and high resolution video and color output equipment. A second teaching lab of 20 Macintosh workstations supplements the primary CAVE Mac lab. All lab workstations are outfitted with the latest design software (to include the latest version of the Adobe Creative Suite (CS), which includes: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Acrobat Professional), as well as the Adobe OpenType typeface library, which affords students access to over 2,300 of the strongest and most respected typefaces available. 

BGSU AIGA Student Chapter

BGSU, the School of Art, and the Division of Graphic Design, in affiliation with AIGA Toledo, fully supports, and offers advising, mentorship and resources for, the BGSU AIGA Student Chapter, our highly respected student-run organization of AIGA, the professional association for designers. This AIGA and University partially funded organization is available to all undergraduate graphic design majors. The overall goal of the student chapter is to promote awareness of design, to highlight advances and opportunities in the field, and to assist younger design students n their individual and collective efforts to expand their design experiences. Chapter activities include at least one trip per year to a major city, as well as several regional trips, to visit printers, design studios, museums and art centers. The chapter frequently hosts local, regional and national speakers involved in the design profession, many of whom are alumni of the program. The chapter meets at least once a month to do such things as: plan club activities, attend lectures, view movies of interest, and discuss topical design issues. All interested majors are encouraged to contact Professor Todd Childers faculty advisor to the group, for further information and contact with the current slate of student board members.

Designers Accord

The Division of Graphic Design (faculty group) is a signing member of the Designers Accord, a nonprofit coalition of designers, educators, researchers, engineers, business consultants, and corporations, focused on working together to create positive environmental and social impact. As such, our Graphic Design student majors and non-majors alike are being asked to voluntarily join the Division in its support for sustainable design practices by having a keen awareness for, and a full intention towards reducing their individual impact on our environment. A commitment to his initiative could include, but not be limited to: responsible and reduced printing output; increased use of environmentally-friendly project materials; reduced overall use of total project materials as an alternative creative solution; monitored and reduced electric power consumption whenever possible; and proper disposal of all recycled and recyclable materials.

On a national level, all Designers Accord adopters, supporters, and endorsers follow a basic code of conduct:

Do no harm
Communicate and collaborate
Keep learning, keep teaching
Instigate meaningful change
Make theory action 

Todd Childers

Todd Childers

Position: Associate Professor, Coordinator, Graphic Design
Phone: 419-372-8374
Email: btoddch@bgsu.edu
Address: 115 FAC


Amy Fidler

Position: Lecturer, Graphic Design
Phone: 419-372-8688
Email: afidler@bgsu.edu
Address: 108 FAC

No photo available

Ryan Shelley

Position: Instructor, Graphic Design
Phone: 419-372-3910
Email: ryanas@bgsu.edu
Address: 204A FAC


Jenn Stucker

Position: Division Chair, Graphic Design
Phone: 419-372-2160
Email: jstuck@bgsu.edu
Address: 106 FAC

Lori Young

Lori Young [On Leave]

Position: Associate Professor, Graphic Design
Phone: 419-372-7763
Email: lyoung@bgsu.edu
Address: 107 FAC

Trained as resourceful visual communicators, our students have developed successful careers as graphic designers, art directors and communications specialists in a wide variety of related fields. Our alumni work for nationally recognized creative firms and major corporations across the country and provide a valuable network for our recent graduates' entry into the profession.
Work Environments
Architectural firms
Community agencies & organizations
Computer system design firms
Corporate media & identify design departments
Graphic Design firms (specific and multi-disciplinary)
Consultation firms
Engineering services
Independent production companies
Industrial Design Firms
In-house studios (internal, within a organization/company)
Interior Design firms
Local, state & federal governments
Management, scientific & technical firms
Manufacturers and retailers
Marketing, advertising & public relations firms
Catalog, Newspaper, Periodical, Book & Directory publishers
Non-profit agencies
Printing companies
Schools, Colleges & Universities
Set Design studios
Web Design companies
Career Opportunities
Account Manager
Art Director
Communications Specialist
Corporate Executive
Creative Consultant
Creative Director
Design Director
Design Entrepreneur
Design Planner
- book, brochure, catalog
- corporate & brand identity, communications
- digital arts
- educational (textbooks, et al.)
- environmental, exhibit & display, wayfinding / signage
- experience
- graphic
- greeting card
- film title
- information - interactive
- interactive (Flash, et al.)
- magazine
- motion
- multimedia
- print
- non-profit
- package (CPG: consumer package goods, et al.)
- product
- promotional & advertising
- sport graphics
- toy
- manuals/systems
- television / on-air graphics
- typographer / calligrapher / lettering specialists
- website
Information Architect (IA)
User Experience (UX)
Medical Illustrator
Project Developer
Project Manager
Educator (Teacher, Lecturer & College Professor, et al.)

  • ARTD 2010
    Principles of Graphic Design - Fall, Spring. Introduction to, and exploration and application of: design elements and principles, tools, techniques, and terminology of the discipline. Introduction to design history, visual communications theory and critical thinking. Development of oral, visual, and cognitive communication/presentation and conceptualization skills. Five studio hours. Prerequisites: ART 1020, ART 1030, and ART 1120. VCT majors: VCT 1030 and VCT 1040. Extra fee. 3 credit hours.
  • ARTD 2020
    Principles of Typography - Fall, Spring. Introduction to, and exploration and application of: typographic history, principles, tools, techniques, and terminology. Discussion of visual communication theory and critical thinking. Continued development of oral, visual, and cognitive communication/presentation and conceptualization skills. Five studio hours. Prerequisite: ARTD 2010. Extra fee. 3 credit hours.
  • ARTD 3010
    Intermediate Graphic Design - Fall only. Continued study of the history and principles of type and image. Introduction to multi-page design, sequencing, pacing, and storytelling. Further exploration of typographic tools, techniques and terminology. Continued study of visual communication theory and critical thinking. Continued development of oral, visual, and cognitive communication/presentation and conceptualization skills. Five studio hours. Prerequisites: ART: successful completion of School of Art BFA Portfolio Review, Graphic Design Portfolio Review, ARTD 2020; VCT: successful completion of Graphic Design Portfolio Review and ARTD 2020. Extra fee. 3 credit hours.
  • ARTD 3030
    History of Graphic Design - Spring only. Survey course covering the history of graphic design from 1850 to the present. Exploration of the relationship of graphic design to movements in art, architecture, music, film, and literature and the collective influence of these movements on western culture. 3 credit hours.
  • ARTD 3040
    Three Dimensional Graphic Design - Spring only. Advanced exploration in graphic design principles and techniques specific to spatially-based visual communication and design problem solving, at both small and large scales. Emphasis on the implementation of traditional print processes, established and experimental new media technologies and display mechanisms, inventive form factors, and sustainable material specification and conservation methodologies. Projects may include development of packaging and environmental graphics/wayfinding systems. Five studio hours. Prerequisites: ARTD 3010 and 3050. Extra fee. 3 credit hours.
  • ARTD 3050
    Graphic Design Processes & Procedures - Fall only. Comprehensive technical lecture and lab course covering, but not limited to, the elements, and processes and procedures of graphic print production (paper, printing, color, et al.) and new media production (HTML/CSS, et al.), as well as the software and hardware utilized. Material presented through a series of lectures, demos, written tests and field trips. Three lecture/recitation hours. Prerequisites: ART: successful completion of School of Art BFA Portfolio Review, Graphic Design Portfolio Review, ARTD 2020; VCT: successful completion of Graphic Design Portfolio Review and ARTD 2020. Extra fee. 3 credit hours.
  • ARTD 3060
    Graphic Design Theory - Spring only. Advanced exploration of the interrelationship between communication theory and application. Emphasis on developing awareness of a range of theoretical approaches leading to solutions for complex communication problems. Five studio hours. Prerequisites: ARTD 3010 and ARTD 3040. Extra fee. 3 credit hours.
  • ARTD 4030
    System-Based Graphic Design - Fall only. Introduction to, and exploration and application of identity design and graphic/marketing programs, with a practical emphasis on conceptual and strategic thinking and writing within the context of brand awareness. Output to include the development of a comprehensive system of interrelated applications based on intuitive and investigative research of an organization and its intended audience(s). Continued development of oral, visual, and cognitive communication/presentation skills. Five studio hours. Prerequisites: ARTD 3050 and ARTD 3060. Extra fee. 3 credit hours.
  • ARTD 4050
    Interactive Graphic Design - Fall only. Continued exploration and application of design principles and techniques, with specific focus on the digital realm. Specific introduction to, exploration and application of: information architecture theory, user interface design principles, pixel-based typography, and experimental, sequential and interactive modes of communication. Five studio hours. Prerequisites: ARTD 3050 and ARTD 3060. Extra fee. 3 credit hours.
  • ARTD 4060
    Graphic Design Practicum - Introduction to, and hands-on field experience in, the fundamentals of studio-based business operations. Work in fully operational Division-run graphic design studio, within a dynamic group structure. Practical application of all skills and knowledge. Supplemented by field trips, guest lecturers, reading, research, and ongoing project responsibilities. May be repeated to 6 credit hours. Maximum of 6 credit hours may be applied to Studio Art Support. Prerequisites: Competitive portfolio review, plus ARTD 3050 and ARTD 3060. Extra fee. 3 credit hours.
  • ARTD 4080
    Senior Studio in Graphic Design - Spring only. Development of skills in preparation for entrance into design profession. Focus on creation of personal identity system, professional resume, cover letter, and self-promotion. Continued development of oral, visual, and cognitive communication/presentation skills (i.e., interviewing techniques, salary negotiations, etc.). Refinement of existing body of work, and development of professional portfolio, for inclusion in end-of-semester Senior Graphic Design Portfolio Show. Five studio hours. Prerequisites: ARTD 4030 and ARTD 4050. Extra fee. 3 credit hours.
  • ARTD 4700
    Independent Studies in Design - Supervised individual problem in selected design research for students who have shown proficiency and marked degree of independence in other design coursework. May be repeated. Prerequisite: consent of instructor. 3 credit hours.
  • ARTD 4890
    Graphic Design Internship - Real-world field experience at approved internship site. Credit approved upon submission of portfolio and written evaluation of experience, in consultation with site and faculty advisor. May be repeated to six credit hours. Maximum of six credit hours may be applied to BFA Graphic Design "Studio Art Support" area. Prerequisites: ARTD 3010, ARTD 3030, and ARTD 3040 or consent of Division Chair. Graded S/U. 6 credit hours.
  • ARTD 4950
    Special Topics in Design - On demand. Innovative and intensive group studies in selected design research. Prerequisites announced for each offering. May be repeated. 3 credit hours.

Student Work