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American Culture Studies (ACS) asks eternal questions in new ways, and new questions using refined methods from a variety of disciplines: What is the meaning of America, and , what is the role of the United States, to us and to the world? How has that meaning changed over time? How do we understand it from different perspectives, depending upon our gender, race, class, or ethnicity? How do we understand American culture through novels, television, activism, paintings, video games, festivals, movies, fanzines, music, social media, graphic novels, webisodes, material culture, and new forms of expression that are only now being explored?

In our courses, internships, research, and capstone experiences, our students and faculty ask and answer these questions.

By doing so, our students develop skills highly valued by employers that serve them in the careers that they follow beyond BGSU: critical thinking, analysis of a range of sources, qualitative research, public speaking, clear writing, and, just as important, nuanced ways of understanding the changing culture in which we live and work.

ACS Spotlight

Dr. Gajjala to Travel to Norway as a Fulbright Scholar

Dr. Gajjala to Travel to Norway as a Fulbright Scholar

ACS/Media and Commincation Professor Dr. Radhika Gajjala will be in Norway for a year as a Fulbright visiting professor at the University of Bergen.   Gajjala’s longtime teaching and research interests are a good fit with Bergen’s Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies and its Digital Culture Program and research group, she said. During her Faculty Improvement Leave year, she will spend about half her time teaching and the other half expanding her research on global media and digital cultures.            Read More

ACS PhD Alum Authors Book

ACS PhD Alum Authors Book

ACS PhD Alum Kelly Watson is an Assistant Professor of History and a member of the faculty in the Women's and Gender Studies at Avila Univeristy in Kansas City. Her first book, Insatiable Appetites: Imperial Encounters with Cannibals in the North Atlantic World, was recently released by New York University Press as part of the Early American Places series.
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