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American Culture Studies (ACS) asks eternal questions in new ways, and new questions using refined methods from a variety of disciplines: What is the meaning of America, and , what is the role of the United States, to us and to the world? How has that meaning changed over time? How do we understand it from different perspectives, depending upon our gender, race, class, or ethnicity? How do we understand American culture through novels, television, activism, paintings, video games, festivals, movies, fanzines, music, social media, graphic novels, webisodes, material culture, and new forms of expression that are only now being explored?

In our courses, internships, research, and capstone experiences, our students and faculty ask and answer these questions.

By doing so, our students develop skills highly valued by employers that serve them in the careers that they follow beyond BGSU: critical thinking, analysis of a range of sources, qualitative research, public speaking, clear writing, and, just as important, nuanced ways of understanding the changing culture in which we live and work.

ACS Spotlight

Undergrads Reacting to the Past

Undergrads Reacting to the Past

A small mob broke out in Prout Chapel recently, disrupting the procedures of New York's Provincial Congress....The mob was part of Reacting to the Past, a history/American culture studies (ACS) class taught by Dr. Andrew Schocket.
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ACS PhD Alum Authors Book

ACS PhD Alum Authors Book

ACS PhD alum and SUNY Oswego faculty member Dr. David Moody examines Christian rap and gospel hip-hop as an evolution of black liberation theology in his recently published book “Political Melodies in the Pews?: The Voice of the Black Christian Rapper in the Twenty-first Century Church.” Read More

Apply now for Graduate Admission in fall 2015

The ACS Graduate Program is now accepting applications for fall 2015 admission. Applications and supporting materials should be received by February 1st to receive the fullest consideration for admission and funding.