Curriculum Committees

Arts and Humanities
Dr. Lynn Pearson ROCS 2015
Dr. Phil Dickinson English 2015
Dr. Steve Boone Theatre & Film 2016
Dr. Kristie Foell GREAL 2017
Dr. Rebecca Green School of Art 2016
Dr. Marilyn Motz Popular Culture 2017
Dr. Ian Young Philosophy 2017
Dr. Mary Natvig College of Musical Arts 2017
Ms. Diana Carpenter A&S (ex-officio)  
Dr Ted Rippey A&S (ex-officio)  
Interdisciplinary Program Directors Council
Dr. Apollos Nwauwa Africana Studies  
Dr. Andrew Schocket American Culture Studies  
Ms. Akiko Jones Asian Studies  
Dr. Enrique Gomezdelcampo Environment and Sustainability  
Dr. Cheryl Hoy General Studies Writing  
Dr. Federico Chalupa International Studies  
Dr. Lesa Lockford Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies  
Dr Ted Rippey A&S (ex-officio)  
Ms. Rachel Flick A&S College Advisor (ex-officio)  
Mathematical and Natural Sciences
Dr. Steve Chung Chemistry 2016
Dr. Andrew Layden Physics and Astronomy 2017
Dr. Dan Wiegman [FIL 2014-15] Biological Sciences 2016
Dr. Cheryl Coombs (sub for Wiegman) Biological Sciences  
Dr. Kurt Panter Geology 2016
Dr. Xiangdong Xie
Mathematics and Statistics 2017
Dr. Ray Kresman Computer Science 2015
Dr Ted Rippey A&S (ex officio)  
Dr. Stephania Messersmith A&S (ex officio)  
Ms. Shai Collier A&S (ex officio)  
Ms. Lee Ann Koenigbauer A&S (ex officio)  
Social Sciences
Dr. Vibha Bhalla Ethnic Studies 2016
Dr. Ewart Skinner Telecommunications 2016
Dr. Scott Martin History 2016
Dr. Art Samel
Geography 2017
Dr. Marc Simon Political Science 2016
Dr. Dara Musher-Eizenman Psychology 2017
Dr. Kevin Quinn Economics 2016
Dr. I-Fen Lin Sociology 2016
Dr Ted Rippey A&S (Ex-officio)  
Mr. Robert Kline A&S (Ex-Officio)  
School of Art
Dr. Andrew Hershberger Art History  
Ms. Heather Elliott-Famularo Digital Arts  
Ms Lynn Whitney 2-D Studies (Photography)  
Ms. Lori Young Graphic Design  
Mr. Tom Muir 3-D Studies (Jewelry and Metals)  
Dr. Barbara Bergstrom Art Education  
Mr. Charles Kanwischer 2-D Studies (Painting)  
Dr. Katerina Ray Art (ex-officio)  
Dr Ted Rippey A&S (ex-officio)  
Ms. Eve Crandall A&S (ex-officio)  
SCCS - School of Cultural and Critical Studies
Dr. Sarah Rainey Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Dr. Sri Menon Ethnic Studies  
Dr. Rebecca Kinney Popular Culture  
Dr. Rob Sloane
American Culture Studies  
Ms. Cindy Colvin A&S (Ex-Officio)  
Dr Ted Rippey A&S (Ex-Officio)  
SEES - School for Earth, Environment and Sustainability
Dr. Karen Johnson-Webb Geography  
Dr. Marco Nardone Environment & Sustainability  
Dr. Peter Gorsevski Geology  
Dr Ted Rippey A&S (ex-officio)  
Ms. Lee Ann Koenigbauer A&S (ex-officio)  
SMC - School for Media and Communication
Dr. Nancy H. Brendlinger Journalism & Public Relations  
Dr. Thomas Mascaro Telecommunication  
Dr. Josh Atkinson [FIL Fall 2014]
Dr. Al Gonzalez [sub for Atkinson]
Dr. Gi Woong Yun At-Large  
Dr Ted Rippey A&S (ex-officio)  
Mr. Robert Kline A&S (ex-officio)